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Civil Service Commission Rules and Regulations

Sensitive and Excluded Positions

Policy Number: 7.6.04

Effective Date: March 16, 2007

Revised: Adopted May 24, 2012
Effective June 8, 2012

An office or department may seek to declare a position sensitive and then have the position excluded from civil service coverage. This requires the following two-step process:

  1. Commissioners Court and the County Manager may declare a position sensitive. Therefore, the office or department must first provide to Commissioners Court or to the County Manager a request to designate a position sensitive along with supporting written justification based on the applicable criteria as outlined below.
  2. If approved by Commissioners Court or the County Manager, the office or department must then present their request to the Commission for approval to exclude the sensitive position from civil service coverage, citing the applicable criteria as outlined below.

Criteria for Declaring a Position Sensitive

Commissioners Court1 has adopted the following criteria for considering whether a position should be declared sensitive:

  1. The position reports directly to a board, elected or appointed official, or department head.
  2. The position acts autonomously and operates on a regular basis with a minimum of supervision, based on direction from a board, elected or appointed official, or department head.
  3.  The position is responsible for a division within a department or a department within an office.
  4. Discretion in decision-making is vital on a regular and constant basis.
  5. The board, elected/appointed official or department head holds this position to a higher level of trust and confidentiality because of the involvement in various aspects of their administration, including but not limited to: policy development and implementation, delivery of service to the citizens of Bexar County or long range vision and planning.

Positions Typically Qualified To Be Excluded From Civil Service

The Commission has typically identified Executive and Manager Positions with the following job duties to be excluded:



1 The Criteria for Declaring a Position sensitive and excluded from Civil Service was adopted by the Bexar County Civil Service Commission on April 30, 2001 and by Commissioners Court on January 29, 2002.