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Before filing an open records request, please consider the following:

If you’re looking for Court Records (Divorce, Civil, Criminal, Felony, Misdemeanor or Traffic Tickets) or Bexar County Sheriff’s Records/Police Records (Arrest reports, 911 calls, Jail Bookings, Traffic Accidents), please see the information and links below. This office does not have access to these records. You must go to the sources listed below directly. Links are provided for your convenience.

Court Records:

Judicial (or court) records of all types are typically open records, but do not fall under the guidelines of the Texas Public Information Act. They are maintained exclusively by:

Judicial records must be requested and obtained from the clerks of these courts, not this office. Initial research to locate the proper court can be performed at our Courts & Cases indices in the online court records search here.

BCSO Records/Police Records:

Bexar County Sheriff’s Office/other law enforcement agencies (for example, San Antonio Police Department) Arrest Records must also be requested from the law enforcement agency that generated the report—not from this page.

For example, reports by Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputies should be requested from the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office; the same goes for records and reports created by City of San Antonio Police department or any other law enforcement agency.

Other Requests:

All other requests—that is, requests other than court records or police reports—can be submitted using the form below. For example, requests for copies of notice violations, certificates of occupancy, etc…

Service Fees may be applicable

If the nature or volume of a public information request is such that it requires extensive use of information technology resources or extensive clerical or supervisory assistance, fees may be charged.

A deposit or pre-payment of the estimated cost and fees may be required for an extensive public information request. The deposit will vary depending on the volume and nature of the information and / or research required. If a deposit or pre-payment is requested, payment must be made prior to fulfilling the public information request

Open Records Request Form

Please be as specific as possible. A copying fee may be charged.

Please Note:

The County will endeavor to fulfill requests “promptly”. However, records are stored in various locations and some may contain confidential information that requires review and possible redaction. Additional time may be necessary to process such requests.
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