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State law mandates that all children must attend school.  When a student is expelled from their regular school district, they must attend the Bexar County Juvenile Justice Academy (JJA).  The JJA is an alternative school located at 1402 N. Hackberry.  Presently we have two officers from our department assigned to this facility.  Having officers at the JJA reduces dropouts and crime in the short and long term and increases average daily attendance.  Officers have a chance to deal directly with the students one on one.  The students are able to become familiar with the officers and have a better understanding of what is going on in the system.  This enables our office to have a close working relationship with the Justice of the Peace and Juvenile Court System to increase efficiency and to eliminate problems.  When students stay in school and out of the Juvenile Justice System, the county will save approximately $35,000 per year.

The Constable Department Precinct Four also began the Absent Studentīs Assistance Program in 1998 - 1999 to develop a process to work with the alternative school students to build attendance.  In the programīs first year, the high truancy rate dropped and attendance rose between one and two percent.