Pecan Valley: In a Class by Itself!
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
January 23, 2012

One thing's for sure: we can't really replace a venue like Pecan Valley in San Antonio, even if money was no object! You would have to find 250 acres of land with a waterway like the Salado Creek running through it. Then you would have to add heritage oaks and the magnificent pecan trees for which the Pecan Valley Golf Course is named as well. The Heritage Oak on the Pecan Valley Golf Course is right next to a Texas Historical Marker that designates the location next to the oak as the site of a rest stop on the original Goliad Road known as the King's Highway in 1720. The 13th tee on the golf course is strategically placed so that every player gets a little bit of Spanish Texas history while taking in the privilege of playing Pecan Valley!

Since 1968, Pecan Valley has hosted the unique, "major" championships in SA. The four major championships in the world of golf are 1. The U.S. Open, 2. The British Open, 3. The Masters at the Augusta National Golf Club and 4. The PGA Championship. Pecan Valley is credited with being:

The site of the 1968 PGA America Championship (50th chronologically since the PGA began);

The site of the United States Golf Association 2001 National Championship;

The site of several of the Texas Golf Association championships over the past ten years.

Pecan Valley was recently ranked in 2011 as #25 in the entire State of Texas by Golf Digest, making it the only golf course in San Antonio ahead of Royal Oaks in Houston (26), The Hills in Austin (#27); Horseshoe Bay Resort (#28); Barton Creek Resort and Spa in Austin; #30, Preston Trail Golf Club. The number one golf course in the State of Texas is the Dallas National Golf Club.

There’s only one other golf course in the Golf Digest Texas Top 30 Listing in San Antonio and it is Briggs Ranch (#8; not open to the public) The Top 30 are not generally open to the public. Pecan Valley is the only public golf course on the Top 30 List.

Some would refer to PV as a 1963 Golf Course, but that ignores all the remodeling that was done to prepare for the 2001 United States Golf Association National Championship.

The National Golf Foundation showed SA to have 15% increase in the number of rounds played from 2010 to 2011. Number 2, Sarasota Florida, had a 7% increase. SA is #1 because of the new Alamo City Golf Trail with its expert management! And of course, San Antonio has a year ’round golf climate!

So, why the rush to shut down “Pecan”? Is there such a desperate need to provide a nine-hole course and affordable housing in its place? Why the rush?

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