ACCD Bonds Merit Approval on November 8!
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
September 29, 2005

Earlier this year a significant number of community leaders and I decided to oppose the ACCD Bonds being sent to the voters in a very low key election on February 5, 2005. We begged the Trustees of ACCD to retain the primary health campus for the ACCD at either St. Philip's or San Antonio College (SAC). Our pleas fell on deaf ears. So, against all the odds and working with many of you who felt the same as we did, we sought to vote the bonds down, to bring them back and to get them right. The community agreed.

Shortly after the February 5, 2005 Election, the ACCD Trustees assembled a cross-section of citizens to review a plan that would incorporate equity in a number of different ways, especially with regard to the location of the health campus. The Committee included the following distinguished citizens:

In the process of its many meetings over a seven week period, the Committee heard from the public and discussed the needs of the District. They noted among other things, the following:

Some years ago, now former Labor Secretary, Robert Reisch wrote in his book entitled, "The Work of Nations" that the greatest assets of any country are the educational levels and skills of its citizens. This is no less true for our County. Our continued economic vitality as well as our competitiveness with other communities across the nation and even the world, necessitate that we fortify our workforce with the kind of skills that ACCD is so capable of delivering.

It is with this in mind, that I whole-heartedly endorse the ACCD Bond Issue and respectfully request your consideration of a "Yes" vote during the early voting period or on Election Day, November 8th.

Early voting begins on Monday, October 24 and continues through Friday, November 4, 2005. Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2005. Look for the times and early voting locations in the Express-News and your community newspapers or simply log onto for this and further information.

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