The Unspoken Value of the San Antonio Spurs
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
June 16, 2005

As the son of a basketball coach, I grew up in the Harlandale High School Gym. I did not understand so much about the game as I did about the importance my late father gave to the lessons of life he was teaching the young boys he coached. He taught and most all of them learned about discipline, hard work, team play, staying in school, pride and sacrifice in achieving team victory.

They also must have learned from him as did I, "Tell me with whom you run and I'll tell you who you are". This was advice I particularly found obnoxious in my younger years because I believed it to be a commentary on who I had chosen to hang around with. Looking back, my coach father was right!

Just as with the lessons of life learned from my father at the gym, I believe the San Antonio Spurs provide infinite value in the role modeling they do everyday. They reflect good personal lives. Some have no doubt struggled more than others to be where they are. And yes, they are winners too. But without displaying class, all the winning would be wonderful, but winning with class is really out of this world! That's the Spurs.

Years ago, the Late Hippo Garcia taught me something about life I will never forget. He was the First Assistant District Attorney for District Attorney Charlie Lieck in the early 1950's and I was then an investigator for District Attorney Ted Butler. He told me that a high ranking official in the County had come to him with a problem that he himself could fix if he so wished. He told the troubled young official that he (the Judge) usually found that everything usually sifts down from the top. The moral of the story is that as a leader was expecting respect from those he lead without earning their respect.

Peter Holt demonstrates that attracting a team of classy, first-class athletes tends to win. From the very outset of the campaign to build the SBC Center, Holt was dedicated to keeping the Spurs in town. He has also invested his resources in our community.

Now we are witnessing another great performance by the Spurs that is the envy of the nation. Fans, young and old, wealthy or poor, from all sectors of society are bound together as no other dynamic in this community can bind us. The exhilaration of victory and the challenge all of the steps along the way give this community a goal of excellence for which to reach. And as we aspire to win the NBA Championship and applaud the Spurs and its primary owner Peter Holt, let us all look to our own lives to see that we too are overcoming the challenges and winning the championships of life presented to each and everyone of us everyday!

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