Texas Spring and Easter
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
March 24, 2005

I do hope that you are soaking in the beauty of our Texas Spring! With the sweet smell of Mountain Laurel, the appearance of blue bonnets and the stunning beauty of the cool, clear and sunny days of early spring, I cannot help but feel good all over. J. Frank Dobie, in my opinion, the unacclaimed literary laureate of Texas and the Southwest and a distinguished member of the University of Texas at Austin English Department wrote perhaps as eloquently about our great State as any that have come before or since him.

In his "Life and Literature of the Southwest", he conveys our spirit as few have been able.

"Here I am living on a soil that my people have been living and working and dying on for more than a hundred years—the soil, as it happens, of Texas. My roots go down into this soil as deep as mesquite roots go. This soil has nourished me as the banks of the lovely Guadalupe River nourish cypress trees, as the Brazos bottoms nourish the wild peach, as the gentle slopes of East Texas nourish the sweet-smelling pines, as the barren, rocky ridges along the Pecos nourish the daggered luchuguilla. I am at home here, and I want not only to know about my home land, I want to live intelligently on it. I want certain data that will enable me to accommodate myself to it. Knowledge helps sympathy to achieve harmony."

Against the incredible Texas backdrop of flora and fauna you have a wonderful entree to Easter. I have not participated in an Easter egg hunt since my kid days, but the memory is just as special as the experience was way back then. I hope you remember your Easters in times past for whatever good you took from them. It is my hope as well that we remember the reason for the season and the many lessons from that one great life that can lift us up from the mortal world in which we presently reside.

May you and yours have a blessed and happy Easter!

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