Meto Partnership for Energy
Takes Dead Aim at Energy Inefficiency
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
May 16, 2002

With your County paying over $4,000,000.00 annually in electricity costs alone, the Metropolitan Partnership for Energy (MPE) is rolling up its sleeves to find ways to reduce your County's and other entities' use of energy.  This is just one of the many ways that your public officials work daily to reduce the unnecessary costs of government.  As importantly, given the national and local implications of being dependent on unstable countries for our energy suggests that the emphasis we place on conservation and energy development should be as important as the Manhattan Project was in developing the atomic bomb that helped end World War II.  Our first step is with conservation.

Partners forming the MPE are City Public Service, the City of San Antonio, Bexar County, Alamo Area Council of Governments, Greater Bexar County Council of Cities, VIA Metropolitan Transit, San Antonio Water System and Solar San Antonio.  The Director is Linda Stone and she is reachable at 118 Broadway #616 78205, 224-7278.  With it seeming that the price of everything including our government is always increasing, it is a pleasant thought that the electricity component of the budget of our government and yes even of our personal homes and businesses might have a good chance of holding the line or going down.

You will hear from me further on precisely what we are doing and finding as a result of our efforts and inquiries.  In the meantime, I trust that the information below will mean dollars and cents as well as common sense for you and yours.

Measures You Can Take to Save Energy




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