Your County in the New Year
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
January 2000

As you likely know, I served in the Texas Legislature before my service on Commissioner's Court. I always viewed the Commissioners Court as at least  "one part, sleepy hollow." Had I been more aware of the tremendous workload of our county, I would have dispelled such a notion from the very outset.

Considering my experience since January 1999, I have found our County to be a raging torrent of activity. Just the work it takes to set policy for and manage the health and justice portions of County government, let alone the myriad of other important aspects of County government is a real challenge. And that is a perspective from a person that has a thirty-one year history of loving and being acquainted with the inner workings of government.

As we close out yet another year, I thought it would be helpful to survey the territory of issues before us that should give rise to a list of resolutions for the new year. In alphabetical order, they are:

These are only the major issues and I am sure that others are worthy of inclusion. As a Court, we address countless additional items. The new year holds much hope but it will not be the same without your input and advice. Please join me and give us your insights. After all it's your County!

Finally, may you and yours have a very blessed new year!

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