A Day in the Life of a County Commissioner
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
February 24, 1999

For the first since I completed my second term as your State Representative in 1987, I am again, at your service. The real work began shortly after the election on November3, 1998. In fact the day after the election seventy-five calls were made to my law office. Some were congratulatory and some were seeking various services or answers from our county. Of coarse, the calls did not stop on November 4.

After swearing-in ceremony on January1, I hired two of the finest staffers to work for you in Commissioners' Court.

Mario Llano is my Chief of Staff. He is the son of a military father and homemaker mother. He is a 1983 Graduate of St. Gerard High School also my alma mater. He worked at Brooks AFB for many years before leaving in 1997 to work for the local and State Democratic Party. Mario has the ability to pick things up quick and a memory for remembering details that are important to this office and me. He knows Precinct Four quite well and I'm very proud to have him on my staff.

Monica Martinez is my Special Assistant. She brings a positive attitude and outlook to the office. She is a 1995 graduate of Burbank High School and she is a 2000 graduate of St. Mary's University where she received her bachelor's degree in Political Science. Monica has a natural curiosity about our community and a zest for good government. She is a dynamo to have at work and I'm very happy to have her in the office.

Both of these individuals are very diligent, caring, and hard working and Precinct four will be rightly proud of them.

We as a team are committed to the Air force motto: "The difficult we do immediately, the impossible a little longer." With the 71 plus neighborhoods associations in precinct Four, we are constantly in touch with the leadership and many of the citizens residing in the neighborhoods served by those associations. Likewise, the residents of the 11 cities, 5 independent school districts, two military school districts, two Air Force bases and one Army base. The list goes on.

As for a day in the life of your County commissioner, I must tell you that the work

Is challenging and that, in my opinion, your Commissioner's office is definitely up to the task. Does that mean that we will succeed in every endeavor to advance the Precinct?

Absolutely not, but worthy challenges will not go without an effort to be met and then some.

And there are many worthy challenges. First, flood victims should be given a hand- up.

Both in the City and County portions of Precinct Four, we will continue to see to it that where assistance is available it is provided. We say this knowing that there is always more demand for resources then there is demand.

Next and without prioritizing, flood control by appropriate use of the ad valorem property tax revenues must be provided. Although we just experienced a five hundred-year flood, provisions are being made to ensure that our citizens within the Salado and Cibolo flood plains do not ever find their homes and their family in the dangerous and financially debilitating position of being subject to another flood- even a one hundred-year flood.

There are many issues that I will bring to you in this column, which I understand, through the enlightened, civic-spirited policies of this paper, will become a regular feature.

One last update for this issue though is the status of Commanche Park. It appears that the County will be able to restore Commanche park #2, in a timely and effective manner, to  "as was before the flood" condition. All efforts will be made to achieve this. In the meantime, your understanding is appreciated.

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