Our Environment

Recycling in Our Community

One of the best things a person can do is to leave the world better than they found it. Recycling is a means to accomplishing that end. Visit the Recycling Efforts in Bexar County page to view the recyclers in our community, and learn how you, too, can leave this world a better place for our children.

What is Ethanol?

Ethanol is a high octane liquid, usually found in corn and grain, that, when used in E-85, is used to fuel vehicles in place of gasoline. Ethanol burns clean, is biodegradable, does not contaminate water, and the use of which results in reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Ethanol as used in E-85 can be used in flex fuel vehicles. To find out if your car or truck is a flex fuel vehicle, visit the ethanol retailer website (External Site).

Carbon Dioxide

The recent Supreme Court case Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection Agency states that carbon dioxide is now to be considered a greenhouse gas, and thus, can be regulated by the EPA. Green house gases are a contributer in global warming. To see where Texas, other states and other countries rank, view the carbon emmissions chart (1998) (PDF Document).

Solar Power

Solar Power is a very good alternative to the usual sources in energy. So good in fact, that in less than 40 minutes, an area the size of the United States receives more Solar Energy than all the fossil fuels used in America combined could produce in one year! Check out Solar San Antonio, one of the premiere solar energy advocates in Texas. Visit the Solar San Antonio website (External Site).