An Interactive Mapping Tool Developed for Bexar County Residents Ease of Service

Now that the U. S. Census 2010 figures are released and confirm Bexar County as one of the largest counties in America - with an astounding population of over 1.7 million and growing - the Bexar County Information Technology Department (BCIT) undertook finding a way to help our residents consolidate the mountain of information sources they need to stay involved and proactive. In a county of our size, that is obviously quite a complex task. The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division rose to the occasion by producing the BEXAR COMMUNITY DASHBOARD, an exciting new web application showing every single County resident's Commissioner, Constable, Justice of the Peace, City Councilmember, State Representative, and more. With only one simple click on the highly detailed map a wealth of information is immediately displayed. Need to reach your Senator? Your child's school district? The Police Department, your neighborhood's Fire Department, your County-wide Elected Officials? Try it here now, and find the information you need to stay involved. For such a large and diverse county, we are still very much a close, involved, and interactive community. The Bexar Community Dashboard will just help us to stay that way.


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Please address questions or requests regarding the Community Dashboard to TODD S. ALVIS, BCIT GIS MANAGER