Cameras in the Courtroom:

The Court follows Misc. Docket No. 92-0067 of the Supreme Court of Texas approved March 11, 1992, regarding procedures for electronic media coverage. Copies may be obtained from the Deputy Clerk.

Open Door Policy:

If you have a question about procedures, PLEASE ASK -- we are here to serve. Remember, however, that we cannot give legal advice and cannot have ex parte communications about cases. When in doubt, put your question in writing and copy your opponents. Please also make suggestions on how we can improve the efficiency and user-friendliness of our Court.

Contact Information

Judge Antonia (Toni) Arteaga
57th District Court

Deputy District Clerk: Rene Charles
210 335-2531
Official Court Reporter: Mary Martinez
210 335-1602
Bailiff: Steve Carpenter
Phone Number: 210 335-2531
Mailing Address: 57th District Court
Bexar County Courthouse
100 Dolorosa, 2nd floor
San Antonio, Texas 78205