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The County Integrated Justice System (CIJS) team is responsible for bringing a new system to Bexar County. The new CIJS will replace the current, outdated system with more modern technology, much better integration of functions and greater access to Criminal Justice data for County Criminal Justice professionals. They will define requirements for an extremely diverse group of business functions, design and develop the System Architecture. They will analyze the requirements and determine whether the County is best served by purchasing applications or developing them internally. They will also develop a plan for implementing the various functional and technical components of the system and make sure that County staff are properly trained to use the new system upon its implementation.

Bryan Roberts, CIJS Project Manager

BRYAN ROBERTS, PMP, is the CIJS Project Manager for Bexar County Information Technology and has been with Bexar County for two years. Prior to joining Bexar County, Bryan was a Police Officer for twenty years serving in job functions from Patrol Commander, Public Information Officer, and Swat Team Trainer. He retired from the Police Department in 2004 and joined the Texas Municipal Police Association (TMPA) in the Training and Research Division. Bryan and his team at TMPA developed several state and nationwide software applications for law enforcement, and managed several grant related IT programs for the National Highway Safety Administration and Department of Defense.

Bryan holds a Bachelor's in Business Administration from the University of Texas at Dallas and a Masters Degree in Organizational Development at UIW. Bryan may be reached directly at

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CIJS Projects

The CIJS Program consists of several different project tracks that will implement the AMCAD justice platform in the following Bexar County departments and units:

The CIJS Program will implement the following AMCAD Core Justice Platform software applications for our County users:

CIJS Projects Chart