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1. How do I find out if someone has been arrested and/or is in your custody?
2. How do I find out what the charge is, and how much is the bond?
3. How do I know which Bail Bond companies are currently licensed?
4. How do I find an inmate's System Identification Number (SID)?
5. What is the phone number for the Bexar County Central Magistrate's Office?
6. How do I find out the court date of an inmate?
7. How do I find out when the inmate is going to be released?
8. When can I visit the inmate?
9. How can I be added to the inmate's visitation list?
10. How do I send mail, money and/or care packages to an inmate?
11. I'm an attorney or bond company. How do I find out about an inmate?
12. How do I find out if I have a warrant?