Why can't I subscribe online?
The County requires two signed originals of the contract.

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1. What is BCPIN?
2. How do I subscribe to BCPIN?
3. Why can't I subscribe online?
4. How do I get the paperwork to sign up for BCPIN?
5. Why does the County need a security clearance form?
6. How much does BCPIN access cost?
7. What information is available through BCPIN?
8. How can I see what the system provides without subscribing to the service?
9. I would like to have access to specific information. How can I find out if the information I want access to is available on BCPIN?
10. Is training available for BCPIN?
11. What do I need to access BCPIN on my PC?
12. Will BCPIN work with Southwestern Bell DSL, or Time Warner Road-Runner Internet service?
13. If I have a problem or questions how do I get help?