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Posted on: March 20, 2018

Fire Marshal Urges Citizens to Remain Vigilant for Suspicious Packages

Bexar County Fire Marshal’s Office would like to remind area residents and community members to contact local law enforcement if they have received any suspicious packages or items. The recent criminal bombings are a reminder that all citizens must remain vigilant against this potential threat.

Bexar County Fire Marshal Chris Lopez reminds citizens never to open, move or even touch a suspicious package but rather to call it in to local authorities.

“While there is no need for alarm, we do want our citizens to be attentive and alert when it comes to this situation. If you receive a package that you are not expecting, or you do not know who it is from, residents should call it in. Our top priority is the safety of the public- and the best way to guarantee that is by having citizens who are informed and engaged. We don’t want to alarm anyone but we do want the public to be vigilant.”

Fire Marshal Lopez also reminds residents of certain other possible indicators of package bombs:

  • Unexpected or unknown packages
  • Lack of a return address
  • Excessive postage
  • Packages marked “Personal” or “Private”
  • Packages containing an irregular shape or surface
  • Packages with excessive tape or protruding wires
  • Packages with unusual markings, stains, spots or emitting unusual odors

To report a suspicious package, Bexar County residents in the unincorporated areas of the County are urged to call the Sheriff’s non-emergency number at 210-335-6000. Residents within the City of San Antonio are urged to call the San Antonio Police Departments non-emergency number at 210-207-7273.

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