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Posted on: July 21, 2017

Public Wi-Fi and Interactive WayPoints coming soon to Bexar County

a sample of the photo taken from the kiosk itself

This morning, Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff provided local media a sneak peek at the new WayPoints coming soon to the downtown San Antonio area. Through a pilot program authorized by Commissioners Court last fall, six (6) CIVIQ Smartscapes WayPoints will provide new, street-level communications technology that creates a public Wi-Fi and interactive network for residents and visitors. These devices include dual 55” outdoor displays, dual touchscreens, easy access to Wi-Fi, and USB Quick Charge capabilities. Five WayPoints will be placed at four downtown County facilities, providing residents and visitors with free high speed Wi-Fi hot spots. A location for the sixth WayPoint has not yet been determined.

“I’m very excited to host this sneak peek to the community,” stated County Judge Nelson Wolff. “These WayPoints will provide quick access to County information and our places of interest including our World Heritage sites. This is another step in the County’s efforts in building a vibrant urban environment and expanding wireless technology for Bexar County residents and visitors.”

This unique service brings big benefits to residents, commuters and visitors. The WayPoints will help people find their way by displaying information regarding points of interest, like the County’s World Heritage sites and other local landmarks, parks, attractions, and local County offices and buildings, as well as Bexar County exhibits, upcoming events and information on BiblioTech. Users will also be able to send the information to their electronic devices such as a smart phone, tablet or iPad for enhanced mobility and wayfinding. The WayPoint also makes it easy to capture and send a digital postcard for tourists seeking a way to update their loved ones on their travels with a customized selfie.

“Bexar County is a model for smart community innovation,” said Gerry Burns, President of CIVIQ Smartscapes. “Judge Wolff and his team have shown a commitment and dedication to truly helping the residents of Bexar County connect to the digital world. We are thrilled to be a partner with the innovative and progressive leaders of Bexar County, and to support Judge Wolff’s mission to connect all people in the County to services, places and experiences through new technology.”

In communities like Bexar County, CIVIQ deploys a full solution to smart cities that connect people to services, places and experiences. Through interactive displays and a connected digital experience, CIVIQ's people-centered technology provides free high-speed public Wi-Fi for easy access to communications networks, timely transportation schedules to improve citizen mobility and emergency alerts to enhance safety and security throughout the community.


As a product of Bexar County’s Pilot Project, six (6) CIVIQ Waypoint Kiosks present innovative urban technology that expands the reach of digital communication, internet accessibility, and interpersonal interaction through a wide-spectrum of features and services for county residents and visitors.


  • Fiber-Based Network Connectivity
    Advanced internal hardware provides a sophisticated internal application that houses reliable communication capabilities between all six of the linked Kiosks.
  • High-Brightness 55” LCD Display
    Each CIVIQ Kiosk boasts high quality and high brightness 55” LCD screens with outdoor display, suitable for viewing practices in varying weather and light conditions.
  • High Speed Free Public Wi-Fi Access
    Internal high speed Wi-Fi routers designed for free public Wi-Fi access and usage meet high speed 802.11ac standards and provide 250ft signal radiuses from the Kiosk locations; In total, this project provides 3.66 miles of free outdoor Wi-Fi.
  • Interactive Content Values
    Created by Bexar County, the CIVIQ Waypoint Kiosks will display content that features easy access to county information, places of interest and photo sharing. This content is combined with CIVIQ’s highly anticipated Wayfinding abilities that assist with real-time destination planning.
  • Utilitarian Values
    The CIVIQ Waypoint Kiosks USB charging ports allow individuals to charge their electronic devices at no cost, without the capacity to access or damage the Waypoint system software or any associated county devices.
  • Aesthetic Values
    The aesthetically sleek CIVIQ Kiosk design incorporates both the Bexar County seal and the Bibliotech mark, advocating for the county’s contributions to urban development.

Kiosk Wifi Heat Map

Download the news release for more information.
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