Bexar County Department of Community Resources

Bexar County Prescription Card

Using Them Saves Money and Expands Services

Bexar County residents have fully embraced the savings associated with using Bexar County prescription cards. In addition to the savings in your individual pocket when you use the card to purchase prescriptions, everyone who uses these cards is playing a vital role in expanding services for the mentally ill and for persons with HIV/AIDS. The revenue generated by the Bexar County Prescription card funds have been allocated to the following worthy causes:

  • The Clubhouse, an international model for day services for the mentally ill, will now be able to purchase new health and wellness equipment for their facility.
  • The Ryan White Peoples' Caucus will have an improved location for their meetings and food pantry. Revenue from the Prescription Cards allocated to the Metropolitan Community Church, where the Caucus meets and houses their food pantry, will fund much needed building foundation repairs.
  • MCHS will be able to purchase an ADA compliant examining table for their clinic.

Share the savings and ensuing good works by helping to spread the word about the Bexar County Prescription Cards to your friends, family, and coworkers. And thank you for using the Cards!!

Executive Director    

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