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2016 3rd Quarter Edition 2016 3rd Quarter Edition
Security and Inforgraphics
2016 2nd Quarter Edition 2016 2nd Quarter Edition
BCIT eNewsletter for 2016 (2nd Quarter).
2016 1st Quarter Edition 2016 1st Quarter Edition
FIM Self-Service password reset
November 2015 Edition November 2015 Edition
VertiQ Upgrade
October 2015 Edition October 2015 Edition
Print Shop Delivery Options
September 2015 Edition September 2015 Edition
Local Area Password Solution (LAPS)
August 2015 Edition August 2015 Edition
Constables Active Warrants Application
July 2015 Edition July 2015 Edition
New Bexar County Foreclosure Map
June 2015 Edition June 2015 Edition
Cutting-Edge Hardware Coming to Bexar County
May 2015 Edition May 2015 Edition
Commissioners Court Video: Live Broadcasts and Indexed Agendas
April 2015 Edition April 2015 Edition
Protect Sensitive Data When Emailing
March 2015 Edition March 2015 Edition
Smart Forms Are Here
February 2015 Edition February 2015 Edition
Replicating Data for Faster Access
January 2015 Edition January 2015 Edition
eDiscovery – Phase II & eServices Portal
December 2014 Edition December 2014 Edition
Mobile Security
November 2014 Edition November 2014 Edition
New Homepage for
October 2014 Edition October 2014 Edition
National Cyber Security Awareness Month
September 2014 Edition September 2014 Edition
OpenText File360 Upgrade
August 2014 Edition August 2014 Edition
BCIT Wins 8th in the 2014 Digital Counties Survey!
July 2014 Edition July 2014 Edition
Face to Face Credit Cards, Phase 1
June 2014 Edition June 2014 Edition
Business Improvement: Escheatment
May 2014 Edition May 2014 Edition
Bexar County Wins 2 Best of Texas Awards
April 2014 Edition April 2014 Edition
Bexar County’s Emergency Operations Center
March 2014 Edition March 2014 Edition
Manage Your iPhone Battery and Data Plan
February 2014 Edition February 2014 Edition
Responsive Design Comes to Bexar County
January 2014 Edition January 2014 Edition
BCIT Augmented Reality
December 2013 Edition December 2013 Edition
Bexar County Print Shop
November 2013 Edition November 2013 Edition
Personal Computer Replacement Program
October 2013 Edition October 2013 Edition
Unseen Effort/Unsung Heroes (Behind the Digital Curtain)
September 2013 Edition September 2013 Edition
Biblio Tech - Bexar County Digital Library
August 2013 Edition August 2013 Edition
Computer Plug-in Devices: Beware!
July 2013 Edition July 2013 Edition
Lawson Punchout Update: AT&T Added to List
June 2013 Edition June 2013 Edition
GOOD News for Mobile Devices
May 2013 Edition May 2013 Edition
Free Salary Statements for County Employees
April 2013 Edition April 2013 Edition
BCIT wins Computerworld Laureate Award
March 2013 Edition March 2013 Edition
Portable Device Security: It's Everyone's Business
February 2013 Edition February 2013 Edition
New Community Dashboard Now Online!
January 2013 Edition January 2013 Edition
CITY Access Takes New Direction
December 2012 Edition December 2012 Edition
Behind the Scenes of BCIT - Teamwork Rules!!
November 2012 Edition November 2012 Edition
New Technology Located In Presiding Court
October 2012 Edition October 2012 Edition
Technology Helps Streamline Open Enrollment Process
September 2012 Edition September 2012 Edition
Esri 2012 Special Achievement in GIS Award!
August 2012 Edition August 2012 Edition
Bexar County is a Top 5 Digital County
July 2012 Edition July 2012 Edition
Bexar County Wins Best of Texas Award
June 2012 Edition June 2012 Edition
Cool Tech: CIJS Automated Help Desk Form
May 2012 Edition May 2012 Edition
System Enhancement: No Contact Orders
April 2012 Edition April 2012 Edition
Juvenile Technology Continuing Improvements
March 2012 Edition March 2012 Edition
Court Case Disposition Reporting
February 2012 Edition February 2012 Edition
Bexar County On-Demand Mapping!
January 2012 Edition January 2012 Edition
Hot Off the Press - BCIT Print Shop!
December 2011 Edition December 2011 Edition
5 Digit Dialing Begins Sunday, December 18th
November 2011 Edition November 2011 Edition
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