Sheriff's Captured Most Wanted

Benito Gonzales


Benito Jesus Gonzales

AKA: Speedy, Ben Gonzales

Wanted for: Burg Hab-Intent Commit Assault

Details: W/M, 6’ 2”, 235lbs.

Tattos: Right arm: Speedy Gonzales

Known Addresses: 1003 Hazel, San Antonio, TX 78207; 3346 Roselawn, San Antonio, TX 78226; 11955 Parliament, San Antonio, TX 78226

Eleanor Arzola


Eleanor Arzola

AKA: Eleanor Zurita, Nickname: Ellie

Wanted for: Burg Hab-Intent Commit Assault

Details: W/F, 5’ 2”, 130lbs.

Tattos: RT Shoulder Winged Dragon; Tattoo Both Forearms: Names

Known Addresses: 7135 Oaklawn, San Antonio, TX 78229; 131 Dokes, San Antonio, TX 78228 ; 5903 Eckhert, San Antonio, TX 78224

Rudy Rodriguez


Rudy Rodriguez

AKA: Abel M. Molinar, Joe Rodriguez

Wanted for: Agg Asslt W/Ddly Wpn

Details: W/M, 5’ 8”, 150lbs.

Tattos: Right arm: Charra; Left arm: Clowns; Chest: 'Rudy', 'Rosie'

Known Addresses: 434 E Young, San Antonio, TX 78214; 939 Merida, San Antonio, TX 78207; 804 SW 36th St, San Antonio, TX 78237

Juan Preciado


Juan Preciado

AKA: Juan Robert Preciado, Nickname: 'negro'

Wanted for: Assault-Family-2nd-Offense; Agg Asslt W/Ddly Wpn

Details: W/M, 5’ 10”, 175lbs.

Tattos: Prominent tattoo on neck

Known Addresses: 1311 Keats, San Antonio, TX 78211; 240 Ranch Rd., Somerset, TX ; 134 Roswell CYN, San Antonio, TX 78245



Stacy Gilbert

AKA: Stacy Lashawn Gilbert

Wanted for: Agg Asslt w/Deadly Wpn

Details: B/F, 5’, 97lbs.

Known Addresses: 108 Menlo, San Antonio, TX 78223; 329 Vine, San Antonio, TX 78210; 615 Delmar, San Antonio, TX 78210



Kenneth Jared Karm

Wanted for: Agg Assault W/Deadly Wpn; Assault-Family-2nd Offense

Details: W/M, 6’ 1”, 190lbs.

Tattoos: Neck: Clover; Chest: Horse

Known Addresses: 9019 Woburn, San Antonio, TX 78254; 4934 Woodstone, San Antonio, TX 78230; 4900 Woodstone, San Antonio, TX 78230



Enrique Ramirez

Wanted for: Agg Asslt W/Deadly Wpn

Details: W/M, 5’ 8”, 220lbs.

Tattoos: Neck: "Lazette Monay Ramirez"; Chest: SA Skyline; Back: "Boogas"

Known Addresses: 3822 Morales, San Antonio, TX 78237; 1601 Waverly, San Antonio, TX 78201; 2015 Paso Doble, Live Oak, TX 78237



Ben Brooks

AKA: Ben Franklin Brooks

Wanted for: Aggavated Robbery; Man/Del CS PG1 < 1Gram

Details: B/M, 6’ 4”, 205lbs.

Tattoos: Neck: Rosa; Chest: Virgo

Known Addresses: 5947 Lost Creek, San Antonio, TX 78247; 6722 Windsor Hollow, San Antonio, TX 78239; 7828 Pat Brooker, Live Oak, TX 78233



Luis Rivas

AKA: Luis Antonio Rivas III

Wanted for: Aggavated Robbery; Burglary Habitation-Force

Details: W/M, 5’ 8”, 135lbs.

Known Addresses: 6119 Golden Valley, San Antonio, TX 78242; 1403 Yellow Sky, San Antonio, TX 78242; 8951 Seacliff, San Antonio, TX 78242



Sylvester Torres

AKA: Sylvester Anthony Torres

Wanted for: Aggavated Robbery; Burglary Habitation-Force

Details: W/M, 5’ 5”, 275lbs.

Known Addresses: 6119 Golden Valley, San Antonio, TX 78242; 175 Seacomber, San Antonio, TX 78242; 5518 Gwenda Lea, San Antonio, TX 78242



Mai Ling Cruz

AKA: Mailing Cruz Lopez

Wanted for: Agg Assault W/Deadly Wpn

Details: W/F, 6’ , 240lbs.

Known Addresses: 4035 Indian Sunrise, San Antonio, TX 78244; 6929 Stockport, San Antonio, TX 78239; 1411 Valencia, San Antonio, TX 78237



Dodrick Evans

AKA: Dodrick Decaud Evans

Wanted for: Aggravated Assault-SBI

Details: B/M, 5’ 8”, 204lbs.

Known Addresses: 9111 Rainbow, San Antonio, TX 78245; 10503 Huebner, San Antonio, TX 78240; 8710 Snow Goose, San Antonio, TX 78245



James Lee Pankey

AKA: James Lee Pankey Jr

Wanted for:Agg Asslt W/Deadly Wpn; Poss CS PG1 1-4 Grams

Details: W/M, 6’ , 250lbs.

Known Addresses:  14039 Flairwood, San Antonio, TX 78233; 2441 NE Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78217; 5134 Village Glen, San Antonio, TX 78218



Damian Perez

AKA: Damian Rodriguez Perez

Wanted for:Agg Assault-SBI; Fail-Stop & Render Aid-SBI

Details: W/M, 5’ 5”, 125lbs.

Known Addresses:  307 W 10th, Elmendorf, TX 78112; 3, 19141 La Gloria, Elmendorf, TX; 1407 Alametos, San Antonio, TX 78201



Jaime Cuellar Rios

AKA: Jaime Ruiz, Jaime Reyes, James Ruiz, James Rios

Wanted for: Agg Asslt W/Deadly Wpn; Assault-Family-2nd Offense; Terroristic Threat

Details: W/M, 5’ 8”, 185lbs.

Tattoos: Panther on Chest, Dagon on Right arm, 'San Anto' on Left arm
Known Addresses:  215 E Mayfield, San Antonio, TX 78214; 320 Kendalia, San Antonio, TX 78214; 1535 Betty, San Antonio, TX 78224

Khadijah Steen


Khadijah Steen

AKA: Khadihah Diane Steen

Wanted for: Robbery

Details: B/F, 5’ 3”, 231lbs.

Tattoos: Microphone on chest
Known Addresses: 546 Corliss, San Antonio, TX 78220; 7600 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78220; 123 Bradford, San Antonio, TX 78228

Deshayla Robinson


De'shayla Robinson

AKA: Deshayla Nacole Robinson

Wanted for: Theft $50-$500

Details: B/F, 5’ 4”, 115lbs.

Tattoos: Puzzle piece left hip
Known Addresses:  12626 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216; 415 Bundy, San Antonio, TX 78220; 627 Morning View, San Antonio, TX 78220

Joanie Charo


Joanie Charo

AKA: Joanie Moreno Charo

Wanted for: Injury to Elderly BI; Assault Bodily Injury-Fam/H

Tattoos: Neck: 'Jessica', Spurs logo; Chest: Two angels; Face: "SA"; Upper right arm: Tribal

Details: W/F, 4’ 11”, 145lbs.

Known Addresses:  412 Bristol, San Antonio, TX 78214; 3122 Pleasanton, San Antonio, TX 78221; 154 E Hutchins, San Antonio, TX 78221
Max Dominquez


Max Dominguez

AKA: Max Villareal Dominguez

Wanted for: Theft $1500-$20,000-VEH; AGG ASSLT W Deadly WPN;

Details: W/M, 5’ 9”, 124lbs.

Known Addresses:  5314 Calistoga, San Antonio, TX 78228; 5130 Oldstead, San Antonio, TX 78228; 5339 Calistoga, San Antonio, TX 78228
Leonard Roberts


Leonard Roberts

AKA: Leonard Wilton Roberts Jr

Wanted for: Assault Bodily Injury-married; Agg Assault WDW&SBI-FAM/Dating

Tattoos: Right Arm: "Loyalty"; Left Arm: "Respect"

Details: B/M, 5’ 9”, 175lbs.

Known Addresses:  7810 Eastbrook Farm, San Antonio, TX; 6618 Evenridge Ln, San Antonio, TX; 16334 Bitter Creek, San Antonio, TX

Christopher Lee Torres


Christopher Lee Torres

AKA: Dope Boy

Wanted for: Driving While Intoxicate-3D; POSS CS PG1 1-4 Gram; POSS CS PG1 Less Than 1 Gram; AGG ASSLT Against PUB SERV;

Tattoos: On back, abdomen and both arms

Details: W/M, 5’ 7”, 200lbs.

Known Addresses:  5719 Broken Lance, San Antonio, TX 78242; 7418 Westfield, San Antonio, TX 78227; 1527 W Sunshine, San Antonio, TX 78228
shaquille Lafond


Shaquille Lafond

AKA: Shaquille Laron Lafond

Wanted for: Murder

Tattoos: on chest

Details: B/M, 6’, 187lbs.

Known Addresses:  8902 Glen Mont, San Antonio, TX 78239; 7000 Glen Pass, San Antonio, TX 78239; 6431 Ithaca Falls, San Antonio, TX 78239
taylor Mckemberly


Taylor McKemberly

AKA: Jeff Taylor, Jeff Embry, Embry Lee

Wanted for: Theft $1500-$20K-Elderly; Theft $1500-$20K

Tattoos: On both arms

Details: W/M, 5’ 11”, 185lbs.

Known Addresses:  8838 Dugas, San Antonio, TX 78251; 11911 Adrianna Maria, San Antonio, TX 78253; 6647 San Pedro, San Antonio, TX 78216
James Toney


James Marvin Toney

AKA: Peanut

Wanted for: Agg Robbery; Forgery-counterfeit Money

Tattoos: Chest: Tower W/210, Music Notes, A Face, '52', Outline of Texas

Details: B/M, 5’ 4”, 145lbs.

Known Addresses:  1514 Upland Rd, San Antonio, TX 78219; 12660 UHR Ln, San Antonio, TX 78217; 11800 Braesview, San Antonio, TX 78213
Rene Moncada


Rene Moncada

AKA: Rene N. Garibay; Renee Moncada

Wanted for: Continuous violence against family

Details: W/M, 5’ 10”, 175lbs.

Tattoos: Right Arm: “Christina”, Heart; Left Arm: 3 Women

Known Addresses: 222 Meadow Glen, San Antonio, TX 78227; 128 Miami, San Antonio, TX 78218; 7880 Micron, San Antonio, TX 78251

Antonio Ortiz


Antonio Ortiz

AKA: George Ortiz

Wanted for: Agg. Asslt w/ Deadly Wpn

Details: W/M, 6’ 0”, 290lbs.

Tattoos: SUN on right leg
Known Addresses:  428 Avondale, San Antonio, TX 78223; 303 Givens, San Antonio, TX 78204; 309 Potosi, San Antonio, TX 78207

James Allen

James Allen

AKA: Bryan Allen; James Bryan Allen

Wanted for: Agg Asslt w/ Deadly Wpn

Details: W/M, 6’ 1”, 200lbs.

Tattoos: "Irish" on left arm, left hand and upper right arm
Known Addresses: 8602 Timber Springs, San Antonio, TX 78250; 13999 Old Blanco, San Antonio, TX 78216; 11500 Huebner, San Antonio, TX 78216

Michael Noyola Wanted


Michael Noyola

Wanted for: Agg Asslt w Deadly Wpn & SBI-Fam/Dating

Details: W/M, 5’11 , 180lbs.

Known Addresses: 6724 Oak Lake, San Antonio, TX 78244; 3366 Rosetti, San Antonio, Texas 78247; 1243 Babcock, San Antonio, TX 78201.

Adrienne Rivera-Holland


Adrienne Rivera-Holland

AKA: Adrienne Donte Rivera; DD Rivera

Wanted for: Robbery

Details: B/M, 5’ 7”, 175lbs.

Tattoos: Cross next to right eye; Neck: Name and music note
Known Addresses: 8600 Wood Wind, San Antonio, TX 78251; 11502 Roseview, San Antonio, TX 78245; 10010 Silverbrook, San Antonio, TX 78254



Tony Rocha

Wanted for: Agg Robbery

Details: W/M, 5’9 , 220lbs.

Tattoos: Face: Pony "Polo" logo and teardrop below right eye. Neck: Character with "M" and woman's face.
Known Addresses: 1303 Springvale, San Antonio, TX 78227; 1351 Rigsby, San Antonio, Texas 78210; 2525 Castroville, San Antonio, TX 78237.



Julian Maldonado

AKA: Julian Isaac Maldonado

Wanted for: Agg Kidnapping

Details: W/M, 5’ , 165lbs.

Tattoos: RT Eye: "West" over brow, "$" Below; LT Eye: "Amanda" over brow, moon below. Neck: "Brianna" and woman's face
Known Addresses: 603 Imperial Blvd, San Antonio 78226; 537 N Gen McMullen, San Antonio 78228; 143 NW 36th, San Antonio, 78228.

Christopher Reser

Christopher Reser

AKA: Christopher Ward Resner

Wanted for: Fraud Use/Poss ID Info 10-49; Fraud Use/Poss ID Info 50+; Unauthorized Use Vehicle; Poss CS PG1 < 1GR

Details: W/M, 6’ 1”, 205lbs.

Tattoos: Left arm: "Arion"; Right arm: "Pride"
Known Addresses: 426 Edalyn, San Antonio, TX 78219; 423 E French Pl, San Antonio, TX 78212; 6607 Huebner, San Antonio, TX 78238

Andres Contreras

Andres Contreras

AKA: Andy Contreras

Wanted for: Agg Assault w/ Deadly Wpn; Theft $20,000 - $100,000 vehicle; Fail ID to PO - False/Fict.

Details: W/M, 6’ 0”, 150lbs.

Known Addresses: 5250 W. Gramercy, San Antonio, TX 78228; 411 Patricia, San Antonio, TX 78216; 519 Hansford, San Antonio, TX 78210

Rene Martinez

Rene Martinez

AKA: Rene R. Martinez

Wanted for: Driving While Intoxicated - 2nd; Driving While Intoxicated - 3rd

Details: W/M, 5’ 7”, 180lbs.

Known Addresses: 815 Prado, San Antonio, TX 78225; 1216 Vermont, San Antonio, TX 78211; 203 Meadow Glen, San Antonio, TX 78227

Antoine Henderson

Antoine Devon Henderson

Wanted for: Poss CS PG 4 > 400gm; Poss Marij 5-50 lbs (multiple); Poss CS PG3 28gm to 50; Unauthorized Use Veh; UCW-Handgun-MV; Unlaw Carry WPN

Details: B/M, 6’ 2”, 170lbs.

History of violence and carrying a weapon; USE CAUTION if encountering this wanted person

Vincey Waterman-Captured

Vincey Waterman

AKA: Vincey Zenon Waterman

Wanted for: Agg. Assault w/ Deadly Weapon

Details: 5’ 9”, 140lbs.

Known Addresses: 150 Walton, San Antonio, TX 78225; 9391 Valley Bend, San Antonio, TX 78250; 319 Palo Alto, Von Ormy, TX 78073.
Tattoo: Right Arm: "W"; Left Arm: "B"

Picture Unavailable

Robert Plata

AKA: Robert Plata Jr

Wanted for: Agg. Assault w/ Deadly Weapon

Details: 5’ 8”, 165lbs.

Tattoo: Right Arm: Omega; Left Arm: Eagle

Gwendolyn Rollins

Gwendolyn Rollins

AKA: Gwendolyn Joyce Rollins-Bahlow

Wanted for: Assault - Family - 2nd Offense

Details: B/F, 5’ 6”, 112lbs.

Known Addresses: 2410 Rutledge, Kirby, TX 78219; 4114 Sunrise Terrace, San Antonio, TX 78244; 601 Morningview, San Antonio, TX 78220
Tattoo: Right Thigh; Right Leg; Back

Raymond Martinez

Raymond Martinez

AKA: Raymond V. Martinez

Wanted for: Assault - Family - 2nd Offense

Details: W/M, 5’ 7”, 180lbs.

Known Addresses: 2929 Rigsby, San Antonio, TX 78222; 312 Deborah, Converse, TX 78109; 3203 Bolmore, San Antonio, TX 78223
Tattoo: Left Shoulder: "Emily"

Miguel Rodriguez

Miguel Rodriguez

AKA: Miguel Macias Rodriguez

Wanted for: Contempt of Court

Evan Rodriguez

Evan Ray Rodriguez

Wanted for: Aggravated Robbery; Deadly Conduct

Details: W/M, 5’ 7”, 150lbs.

Known Addresses: 1611 Sanco, San Antonio, TX 78214; 1327 Mission Grande, San Antonio, TX; 7727 Potranco, San Antonio, TX

Manuel Ybarbo

Manuel Ybarobo

Wanted for: Contempt of Court

Details: W/M, 5’ 5”, 180lbs.

Known Addresses: 501 E. Glenn, San Antonio, TX 78204; 603 King Roger, San Antonio, TX 78204
Tattoo(s): Names on both arms

Michael Colombo

Michael Colombo

AKA: Michael Wayne Colombo

Wanted for: Deadly conduct-firearm

Details: W/M, 6’ 4”, 320lbs.

Known Addresses: 3605 Macon, Schertz, TX; 9205 FM 78, Converse, TX; 7607 Citadel Peak, Converse TX

Zachary Whitside

Zachary Whiteside

AKA: Zachary Shawn Whiteside

Wanted for: Poss w/i Del CS PG1 1g-4g; Poss CS PG1 <1g; Poss CS PG 1 4g-200g; Take weapon from PO; Evading arrest/detention w/ tamper Evidence-intent IMPA; Poss w/i Del CS PG 1 4g-200g; Assault-Public Serv - BI

Details: W/M, 6’ 1”, 150lbs.

avie lozano

Avie Lee Lozano

Wanted for: Injury Disabled BI; Burg Hab-Intent Commit Aslt.; Burglary Habitation-Force

Details: W/M, 6’ 0”, 170lbs.

Tattoos:  Neck: Aztec Calendar; Right Arm: Skulls, Aztec Culture; Left Arm: Aztec Culture, Pyramid; Back: “Lozano”

Known Addresses: 4922 Fortuna, San Antonio, TX 78237; 510 Jamaica, San Antonio, TX 78227; 414 Holmgreen, San Antonio, TX 78220

Richard Gomez

Richard Gomez

AKA: Richard Lee Robert Gomez, "Rickster"

Wanted for: Aggravated Robbery (multiple); Criminal Trespass - Private Property (multiple); Criminal Mischief $50 - $500

Details: W/M, 5’ 8”, 170lbs.

Tattoos: Abdomen: Alamo; Chest: San Antonio Skyline; Back: Virgin Mary, "Gomez"; Face: "Rickster"

Known Addresses: 615 S. Trinity, San Antonio, TX 78207; 1114 Menchaca, San Antonio, TX 78207; 618 S. Zarzamora, San Antonio, TX 78207

Darrell Edwards

Darrell Jeri Edwards, Jr.

Wanted for: Driving While Intoxicated - 3rd or more

Details: W/M, 5’ 3”, 150lbs.

Other: Known to drive '94 Land Rover LZN922; works in auto sales; has acquaintances in real estate sales

Known Addresses: 210 Tophill, San Antonio, TX 78209; 126 Jade, San Antonio, TX 78209

William Johnson

William Johnson

AKA: William Arthur Johnson

Wanted for: Aggravated Robbery

Known Addresses: 7979 W. Military Dr., San Antonio, TX 78227; 326 E. Gerald, San Antonio, TX 78214; 3535 W. Woodlawn, San Antonio, TX 78228

Adrienne Thompson

Adrienne Thompson

AKA: Adrienne Yvette Sheffield

Wanted for: Agg Assault w/ Ddly Wpn

Details: B/F, 5’ 2”, 180lbs.

Known Addresses: 3735 E. Commerce, San Antonio, TX 78244; 1013 N. Mittman, San Antonio, TX 78202; 1138 Paso Hondo, San Antonio, TX 78202

Desiree Rodgers

Desiree Rodgers

AKA: Desiree Latoya Thompson

Wanted for: Agg Assault w/ Ddly Wpn

Details: B/F, 5’ 3”, 158lbs.

Known Addresses: 6002 Glacier Sun, San Antonio, TX 78244; 7122 Warrior Trl, San Antonio, TX 78244; 2054 Lamar, San Antonio, TX 78202

Tiffany Ann Garcia

Tiffany Ann Garcia

AKA: Tiff

Wanted for: Driving while Intox - w/ Child < 15

Details: W/F, 4’ 8”, 160lbs.

Tattoos: Right Breast: “David”; Left Hand: “Tiff”

Known Addresses: 1006 Ceralvo, San Antonio, TX 78207; 926 Ceralvo, San Antonio, TX 78207; 1018 Ceralvo, San Antonio, TX 78207

Picture Unavailable

Leroy Rivera

Wanted for: Intoxication Assault (multiple)

Details: W/M, 5’ 9”, 204lbs.

Picture Unavailable

Isaac Zarate

Wanted for: Aggravated Robbery

Details: W/M, 5’ 6”, 135lbs.

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