Sheriff's Captured Most Wanted



Rebecca Alvarez

AKA: Rebecca Nicole Alvarez

Wanted for: Traff of person < 18-Posit; Sexual Assault-Child; Poss Marijuana 0-2oz; Fail ID-Fug-Int give false

Details: W/F, 4’ 11”, 135lbs.

Tattos: Chest: Rose, Mario; Lower Back: Butterfly; Right Leg: Patrick, Butterfly, flower

Known Addresses: 126 Grosvenor, San Antonio, TX 78221; 1442 Vermont, San Antonio, TX 78211; 2346 Dakota, San Antonio, TX 78210



Thomas Andrew Fresco

AKA: Crazy boy, Thomas Guevara

Wanted for: Sexual Assault-Child

Details: W/M, 5’ 10”, 225lbs.

Tattos: Devils & Skulls both arms; large tattoo on his throat

Known Addresses: 6119 Deer Valley, San Antonio, TX 78227; 1700 Jackson Keller, San Antonio, TX 78213; 125 Savannah Hgts, Von Ormy

Quintin Lewis


Quintin Lewis

AKA: Quentin Lamar Lewis, "Q"

Wanted for: Agg Asslt W/Deadly Wpn;

Details: B/M, 5’ 3”, 150lbs.

Tattos: Chest: "JD" over left brow; Chest: Death before dishonor; Abdomen: "ABC"; Back: Crip, Gangsta

Known Addresses: 6837 Neston, San Antonio, TX 78239; 4802 Raybon, San Antonio, TX 78218; 5208 Gawain, San Antonio, TX 78218

Trenton Lafond


Trenton Lafond

AKA: Trenton Jo'coy Lafond

Wanted for: Agg Sexual Assault

Details: B/M, 6’ 7”, 275lbs.

Known Addresses: 2703 Christian, San Antonio, TX 78222; 6003 Whispering Lake, 78227; 1501 Paso Hondo, San Antonio, TX 78202

Benito Gonzales


Benito Jesus Gonzales

AKA: Speedy, Ben Gonzales

Wanted for: Burg Hab-Intent Commit Assault

Details: W/M, 6’ 2”, 235lbs.

Tattos: Right arm: Speedy Gonzales

Known Addresses: 1003 Hazel, San Antonio, TX 78207; 3346 Roselawn, San Antonio, TX 78226; 11955 Parliament, San Antonio, TX 78226

Eleanor Arzola


Eleanor Arzola

AKA: Eleanor Zurita, Nickname: Ellie

Wanted for: Burg Hab-Intent Commit Assault

Details: W/F, 5’ 2”, 130lbs.

Tattos: RT Shoulder Winged Dragon; Tattoo Both Forearms: Names

Known Addresses: 7135 Oaklawn, San Antonio, TX 78229; 131 Dokes, San Antonio, TX 78228 ; 5903 Eckhert, San Antonio, TX 78224

Rudy Rodriguez


Rudy Rodriguez

AKA: Abel M. Molinar, Joe Rodriguez

Wanted for: Agg Asslt W/Ddly Wpn

Details: W/M, 5’ 8”, 150lbs.

Tattos: Right arm: Charra; Left arm: Clowns; Chest: 'Rudy', 'Rosie'

Known Addresses: 434 E Young, San Antonio, TX 78214; 939 Merida, San Antonio, TX 78207; 804 SW 36th St, San Antonio, TX 78237

Juan Preciado


Juan Preciado

AKA: Juan Robert Preciado, Nickname: 'negro'

Wanted for: Assault-Family-2nd-Offense; Agg Asslt W/Ddly Wpn

Details: W/M, 5’ 10”, 175lbs.

Tattos: Prominent tattoo on neck

Known Addresses: 1311 Keats, San Antonio, TX 78211; 240 Ranch Rd., Somerset, TX ; 134 Roswell CYN, San Antonio, TX 78245



Stacy Gilbert

AKA: Stacy Lashawn Gilbert

Wanted for: Agg Asslt w/Deadly Wpn

Details: B/F, 5’, 97lbs.

Known Addresses: 108 Menlo, San Antonio, TX 78223; 329 Vine, San Antonio, TX 78210; 615 Delmar, San Antonio, TX 78210



Kenneth Jared Karm

Wanted for: Agg Assault W/Deadly Wpn; Assault-Family-2nd Offense

Details: W/M, 6’ 1”, 190lbs.

Tattoos: Neck: Clover; Chest: Horse

Known Addresses: 9019 Woburn, San Antonio, TX 78254; 4934 Woodstone, San Antonio, TX 78230; 4900 Woodstone, San Antonio, TX 78230



Enrique Ramirez

Wanted for: Agg Asslt W/Deadly Wpn

Details: W/M, 5’ 8”, 220lbs.

Tattoos: Neck: "Lazette Monay Ramirez"; Chest: SA Skyline; Back: "Boogas"

Known Addresses: 3822 Morales, San Antonio, TX 78237; 1601 Waverly, San Antonio, TX 78201; 2015 Paso Doble, Live Oak, TX 78237



Ben Brooks

AKA: Ben Franklin Brooks

Wanted for: Aggavated Robbery; Man/Del CS PG1 < 1Gram

Details: B/M, 6’ 4”, 205lbs.

Tattoos: Neck: Rosa; Chest: Virgo

Known Addresses: 5947 Lost Creek, San Antonio, TX 78247; 6722 Windsor Hollow, San Antonio, TX 78239; 7828 Pat Brooker, Live Oak, TX 78233



Luis Rivas

AKA: Luis Antonio Rivas III

Wanted for: Aggavated Robbery; Burglary Habitation-Force

Details: W/M, 5’ 8”, 135lbs.

Known Addresses: 6119 Golden Valley, San Antonio, TX 78242; 1403 Yellow Sky, San Antonio, TX 78242; 8951 Seacliff, San Antonio, TX 78242



Sylvester Torres

AKA: Sylvester Anthony Torres

Wanted for: Aggavated Robbery; Burglary Habitation-Force

Details: W/M, 5’ 5”, 275lbs.

Known Addresses: 6119 Golden Valley, San Antonio, TX 78242; 175 Seacomber, San Antonio, TX 78242; 5518 Gwenda Lea, San Antonio, TX 78242



Mai Ling Cruz

AKA: Mailing Cruz Lopez

Wanted for: Agg Assault W/Deadly Wpn

Details: W/F, 6’ , 240lbs.

Known Addresses: 4035 Indian Sunrise, San Antonio, TX 78244; 6929 Stockport, San Antonio, TX 78239; 1411 Valencia, San Antonio, TX 78237



Dodrick Evans

AKA: Dodrick Decaud Evans

Wanted for: Aggravated Assault-SBI

Details: B/M, 5’ 8”, 204lbs.

Known Addresses: 9111 Rainbow, San Antonio, TX 78245; 10503 Huebner, San Antonio, TX 78240; 8710 Snow Goose, San Antonio, TX 78245



James Lee Pankey

AKA: James Lee Pankey Jr

Wanted for:Agg Asslt W/Deadly Wpn; Poss CS PG1 1-4 Grams

Details: W/M, 6’ , 250lbs.

Known Addresses:  14039 Flairwood, San Antonio, TX 78233; 2441 NE Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78217; 5134 Village Glen, San Antonio, TX 78218



Damian Perez

AKA: Damian Rodriguez Perez

Wanted for:Agg Assault-SBI; Fail-Stop & Render Aid-SBI

Details: W/M, 5’ 5”, 125lbs.

Known Addresses:  307 W 10th, Elmendorf, TX 78112; 3, 19141 La Gloria, Elmendorf, TX; 1407 Alametos, San Antonio, TX 78201



Jaime Cuellar Rios

AKA: Jaime Ruiz, Jaime Reyes, James Ruiz, James Rios

Wanted for: Agg Asslt W/Deadly Wpn; Assault-Family-2nd Offense; Terroristic Threat

Details: W/M, 5’ 8”, 185lbs.

Tattoos: Panther on Chest, Dagon on Right arm, 'San Anto' on Left arm
Known Addresses:  215 E Mayfield, San Antonio, TX 78214; 320 Kendalia, San Antonio, TX 78214; 1535 Betty, San Antonio, TX 78224

Khadijah Steen


Khadijah Steen

AKA: Khadihah Diane Steen

Wanted for: Robbery

Details: B/F, 5’ 3”, 231lbs.

Tattoos: Microphone on chest
Known Addresses: 546 Corliss, San Antonio, TX 78220; 7600 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78220; 123 Bradford, San Antonio, TX 78228

Deshayla Robinson


De'shayla Robinson

AKA: Deshayla Nacole Robinson

Wanted for: Theft $50-$500

Details: B/F, 5’ 4”, 115lbs.

Tattoos: Puzzle piece left hip
Known Addresses:  12626 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216; 415 Bundy, San Antonio, TX 78220; 627 Morning View, San Antonio, TX 78220

Joanie Charo


Joanie Charo

AKA: Joanie Moreno Charo

Wanted for: Injury to Elderly BI; Assault Bodily Injury-Fam/H

Tattoos: Neck: 'Jessica', Spurs logo; Chest: Two angels; Face: "SA"; Upper right arm: Tribal

Details: W/F, 4’ 11”, 145lbs.

Known Addresses:  412 Bristol, San Antonio, TX 78214; 3122 Pleasanton, San Antonio, TX 78221; 154 E Hutchins, San Antonio, TX 78221
Max Dominquez


Max Dominguez

AKA: Max Villareal Dominguez

Wanted for: Theft $1500-$20,000-VEH; AGG ASSLT W Deadly WPN;

Details: W/M, 5’ 9”, 124lbs.

Known Addresses:  5314 Calistoga, San Antonio, TX 78228; 5130 Oldstead, San Antonio, TX 78228; 5339 Calistoga, San Antonio, TX 78228
Leonard Roberts


Leonard Roberts

AKA: Leonard Wilton Roberts Jr

Wanted for: Assault Bodily Injury-married; Agg Assault WDW&SBI-FAM/Dating

Tattoos: Right Arm: "Loyalty"; Left Arm: "Respect"

Details: B/M, 5’ 9”, 175lbs.

Known Addresses:  7810 Eastbrook Farm, San Antonio, TX; 6618 Evenridge Ln, San Antonio, TX; 16334 Bitter Creek, San Antonio, TX

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