Sheriff's Office Most Wanted

Xavier Evan Levine

Xavier Evan Levine

AKA: Xavier Evan Meza Levine

Wanted for: Agg Asslt W/Deadly Wpn; Poss Proh Knuckles; Poss Marihuana 0-2 oz

Details: W/M, 5’ 1”, 126lbs.

Known Addresses: 3627 Rivas, San Antonio, TX 78228; 615 N San Joaquin, San Antonio, TX 78228; 5627 Culebra, San Antonio, TX 78228

Javonte McElvain

Javonte McElvain

AKA: Javonte Marque McElvain

Wanted for: Agg Asslt W/Deadly Wpn; Agg Asslt W/Deadly Wpn;

Details: B/M, 5’ 9”, 180lbs.

Tattos: Right Arm: "J", "R"; Left Arm: "M", "R"

Known Addresses: 5822 Fort Stanwix, San Antonio, TX 78233; 1110 Olney, San Antonio, TX 78218; 3243 Nacogdoches, San Antonio, TX 78217

David Garcia

David Garcia

AKA: David Garcia Jr

Wanted for: AggAsslt W/Ddl Wpn; Poss Marihuana 0-2 oz

Details: W/M, 5’ 3”, 160lbs.

Known Addresses: 505 Koehler Ct, San Antonio, TX 7823; 4402 Boxwood, San Antonio, TX 78222; 913 San Manuel, San Antonio, TX 78237

Patrick Edgell

Patrick Edgell

AKA: Patrick James Edgell

Wanted for: Online Sol Minor Under 14 YO; Online Sol Minor-Meet W/Int

Details: W/M, 5’ 9”, 180lbs.

Known Addresses: 5335 NW Loop 410, 78229


Kerry Gittens

AKA: Kerry Joseph Gittens

Wanted for: Murder

Details: B/M, 5’ 11”, 150lbs.

Tattos: Right arm: "Jequisha" and praying hands

Known Addresses: 5314 Randolph BLVD, 78233; 1735 Vestal, San Antonio, TX 78224; 924 St. James, San Antonio, TX 78202


Leann Marie Bickell

AKA: Leann Molatapia, Leann Ropers, Leann Rogers, Lynne Kautz

Wanted for: Utterin a Forged Instrument-AFCF; Obtaining Cash or Merchandise by Means of Bogus Check/False Pretenses; Bail Jumping

Details: W/F, 5’ 8”, 120lbs.

Known Addresses: Fugitive from Oklahoma believed to be residing in the San Antonio area


Gregory Huitron

AKA: Gregory Christopher Huitron

Wanted for: Agg Asslt w/Deadly Wpn

Details: W/M, 5’ 3”, 175lbs.

Tattos: Aztec culture on both arms and a drop below left eye

Known Addresses: 211 Cliff, San Antonio, TX 78214; 3030 Woodcliffe, San Antonio, TX 78230; 10955 Hamlin Park, San Antonio, TX 78249

Kevin Richardson

Kevin Richardson Slack

AKA: Bubba

Wanted for: Agg Robbery; Evading Arrest/Detention W/Veh; Tamper Evidence-intent IMPA; Poss Marij 0-2 oz

Details: B/M, 5’ 8”, 130lbs.

Known Addresses:  314 Dorie, San Antonio, TX 78220; 306 Lincolnshire, San Antonio, TX 78220; 231 Smallwood, San Antonio, TX 78220

Patricia Almaguer

Patricia Almaguer

AKA: Patricia Cisneros Almaguer

Wanted for: Indecency-Child Exposure; Assault-Public Servant-BI

Details: W/F, 5’ 3”, 160lbs.

Known Addresses: 717 N. Colorado, San Antonio, TX 78207; 2819 S. WW White, San Antonio, TX 78222

Roland Aguilar

Roland Aguilar

Wanted for: Agg Asslt w/Deadly Wpn; Sexual Assault

Details: W/M, 5’ 4”, 170lbs.

Known Addresses: 1655 Spice Spg., San Antonio, TX 78260; 9107 Village Brown, San Antonio, TX 78250; 12222 Vance Jackson, San Antonio, TX 78230

Jesus Flores

Jesus Flores

AKA: Jesus Contreras Flores

Wanted for: Burglary Habitation-Force; Assault Bodily Injury-Fam/HHLD; Burg Hab-Intent Commit Fel-F

Details: W/M, 5’ 9”, 215lbs.

Tattos: Both arms and chest

Known Addresses: 2145 Puter Creek, Spring Branch; 1170 Lake Park, Spring Branch; 151 Maple Valley, San Antonio, TX 78227

Juan Mendoza

Juan Mendoza

Wanted for: Murder

Details: W/M, 5’ 6”, 200lbs.

Tattoos: Left Leg: Tiger; Right Arm: Skull, “Juan”, Cross; Left Arm: “R.I.P. Osiel Mendoza”

Known Addresses: 303 Sims, San Antonio, TX 78225; 294 Bangor, San Antonio, TX 78228

Dewitt Garry

Dewitt Garry, Jr.

AKA: Garry Dewitt

Wanted for: Contempt of Court; Probation Violation

Details: B/M, 6’ 0”, 160lbs.

Tattoos: Right Leg; Paw Prints; Left Leg: Paw Prints

Known Addresses: 4602 Old Coach, San Antonio, TX 78220; 1906 Hays, San Antonio, TX 78202; 11787 Spring Song, San Antonio, TX 78249

Jose Lopez

Jose Lopez

AKA: Jose Lopez-Garcia

Wanted for: Agg Asslt WDW & SBI-Fam/Dating

Details: W/M, 5’ 10”, 200lbs.

Known Addresses: 430 Angela, San Antonio, TX 78207; 213 S Polaris, San Antonio, TX 78203; 3946 Flagle, San Antonio, TX 78237

Leonardo Garza

Leonardo Garza III

AKA: Leo Garza

Wanted for: Assault - Family - 2nd Offense; Assault - Family - Choking/Stran; Burglary habitation - force

Details: W/M, 5’ 6”, 130lbs.

Known Addresses: 303 Royal Drive, Converse, TX 78109; 8040 Dove Trail, San Antonio, TX 78244; 2125 Universal City, Universal City, TX 78148

Jasmin Williams

Jasmin Williams

AKA: Jasmin Shari Williams

Wanted for: False name/info and forgery; Theft of service $500-1500; Assault bodily injury - married; Theft $20-500 Check

Details: B/F, 5’ 6”, 178lbs.

Known Addresses: 1431 Cable Ranch, San Antonio, TX 78245; 7807 Kingle Ct., San Antonio, TX 78251

Ruben Rodriguez

Ruben Garcia Rodriguez

AKA: Ruben Rodriguez

Wanted for: Agg Sexual Assault-Child

Details: W/M, 5’ 5”, 180lbs.

Other: Self-employed tile installer

Known Addresses: 8854 Meadow Trace, San Antonio, TX 78250; 5525 Stonybrook, San Antonio, TX 78242

Jose Lara

Jose Carmelo Lara

Wanted for: Indecency w/Child - contact

Details: W/M, 5’ 2”, 150lbs.

Known Addresses: 163 E. Hutchins Pl., San Antonio, TX 78221; 375 Langford Pl., San Antonio, TX 78227

Jorge Segura

Jorge Montero Segura

Wanted for: Agg Sexual Assault - Child

Details: H/M, 5’ 7”, 145lbs.

Known Addresses: 239 San Angelo, San Antonio, TX 78212; 158 Kinder, San Antonio, TX 78212; 8502 Ahern, San Antonio, TX 78216; 100 Lorenz #908, San Antonio, TX 78209

Pablo Torrescano

Pablo Elias Torrescano

AKA: Pablo Torres Cano

Wanted for: Agg. Sexual Assault-Child; Poss. Child Pornography; Promo Child Pornography

Details: H/M, 5’ 10”, 160lbs.

Other: May be on the run with Belinda Saucedo Fernandez; may be living in Mexico and making trips to Del Rio and San Antonio to visit friends and relative.

Belinda Fernandez

Belinda Sauceda Fernandez

Wanted for: Injury to Child-SBI-Omission

Details: H/F, 4’ 11”, 130lbs.

Other: May be on the run with Pablo Elias Torrescano; may be living in Mexico and making trips to Del Rio and San Antonio to visit friends and relative.

Juan Julio Ramirez

Juan Julio Ramirez

Wanted for: Murder

Details: L/M, 5’ 6”, 160 lbs.

Physical: Brown hair; brown eyes

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