1. V.I.N.E.

    Get information on Victim Information & Notification Everyday (VINE) notification service.

  2. Alarm Permits

    Download the Alarm Permit Application, view permit fees, and read the rules regulating alarm systems.

  3. Jail Activity Reports

  4. Crime Statistics

    The monthly Patrol brief contains data about crime, incidents, and activity during a given month; this data is limited to the activity of the Patrol Division.

  5. Judicial Services

    The Judicial Services Division is responsible for providing a variety of services to the citizens of Bexar County and beyond.

  6. Central Records

    The Central Records Division of the Sheriff’s Office provides to the public services under the “Texas Public Information Act” (Government Code, Chapter 552).

  7. Estray Animal Notices

    Recent estray animal notices

  8. Home Security Inspections

    The Homeowners Insurance Reduction Program is intended to help homeowners reduce their insurance premiums by qualifying for a Texas Home Security Credit. Any homeowner may request a homeowners Security Credit Inspection of their residence by contacting the Bexar County Sheriff’s Crime Prevention Unit. A Crime Prevention Specialist will perform a security evaluation.

  9. Vehicle Towing

    Location and information about vehicles impounded or towed by the Sheriff's Office.

  10. Sheriff’s Office Sale Information

    Get information about real property seized and sold by the Sheriff's Office.

  11. Required Postings

    Required postings by the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff's Shield

Bexar County Sheriff's Office

  1. 200 North Comal Street
    San Antonio, Texas 78207
    Administration: 210.335.6010
    Non-Emergency Dispatch: 210.335.6000
    Emergency: 911