Section 15: Appendices

A. Definitions

ADVERTISEMENT or ADVERTISE - A public notice put in a newspaper of general circulation containing information about an Invitation for Bid or Request For Proposal as specified in TEX. LOC. GOV'T CODE ANN., §262.025.

AFS SYSTEM - Bexar County’s Financial Management System, which includes the purchasing module.

AMENDMENT - A document used to change the terms and/or conditions of a Solicitation.

ANNUAL TERM CONTRACT - A recurring contract for goods or services, usually in effect on a 12-month basis.

AUDITOR - Bexar County Auditor and his/her designated representatives.

BIDDERS LIST - An automated list of vendors who have applied to Bexar County indicating an interest in submitting bids for particular categories of goods and services.

BLANKET DELIVERY ORDER (BDO) - A BDO allows a department to establish a ceiling or account for a specific dollar value to purchase an unspecified quantity or type of good or service from a vendor with whom the County has a contract. It is used when specific items and quantities are not defined.

CHANGE ORDER - A construction contract document that changes the contract by increasing or decreasing the cost or the time for performance or changes the goods or services to be delivered.

COMMISSIONERS COURT - Bexar County Commissioners Court.

COMMODITY CLASS LIST - A means of classifying goods and services with a unique number assigned to each description.

COMPETITIVE BIDDING - Letting available vendors compete with each other to provide goods and/or services.

COMPETITIVE PROPOSAL PROCESS – Available vendors compete with each other to provide goods and services in compliance with TEX. LOC. GOV'T CODE ANN., §262.030.

COMPONENT PURCHASES - Purchasing a series of component parts of goods that normally would have been purchased as a whole.

CONTRACT - A formal, written agreement executed by the County and a vendor containing the terms and conditions under which goods or services are to be furnished to the County and the County’s authorized representative commits County funds.

CONTRACT DELIVERY ORDER - Contract Delivery Orders are purchase orders for specific items at specific prices placed with vendors with whom the County has an existing contract.

CONTRACTOR - A vendor, which has been awarded a contract by Bexar County.

COUNTY - Bexar County.

CYCLE TIME - The time between when a purchase requisition is assigned to a buyer for action and when an actual purchase order is placed with a vendor. Cycle time does not include the time required for delivery, nor the time it takes for the Purchasing Department to make corrections to the requisition.

EMERGENCY PURCHASE - A purchase that is needed because of an emergency condition as described in TEX. LOC. GOV'T CODE ANN., §262.024(a)(1).

EMPLOYEE - Any County, district or precinct elected official, appointed official, or employee when the purchase will be funded even partially with County funds or anyone who acts on behalf of any of these persons.

ENTERPRISE OWNER INFORMATION FORM - A company may be recognized as a SMWBE, as defined herein, upon successful completion of an Enterprise Owner Information Form in response to a Bexar County Invitation to Bid (IFB) or Request for Proposal (RFP) and in accordance with Section 10 of the Bexar County Administrative Policy 8.0.

FORMAL COMPETITIVE BIDDING - The bidding process ($50,000and above) specified in TEX. LOC. GOV'T CODE ANN., §262.023 which requires approval by the Commissioners Court.

GOODS - Includes any personal property to be purchased by the County, including equipment, supplies, material and component or repair parts.

INVITATION FOR BID or IFB - Specifications and formal bidding documents requesting pricing for a specified good or service, which has been advertised for bid in a newspaper.

LEASE - A contract for the use of personal property for a period of time in return for a specified compensation.

LOWEST RESPONSIBLE BID - The offer from the responsible bidder who submits the lowest and best bid meeting all requirements of the specifications, terms, and conditions of the invitation for bid. The lowest responsible bid includes any related costs to the county in a total cost concept. The term "responsible" refers to the financial and practical ability of the bidder to perform the contract and takes the vendor’s past performance into consideration.

MODIFICATION - A document used to change the terms and/or conditions of a contract.

OFFICIAL - Any elected or appointed official and any person authorized to act on their behalf.

PRE-BID/PROPOSAL CONFERENCE - A conference conducted by the Purchasing Department for the benefit of those wishing to submit a bid or proposal for services or supplies required by the County. Held in order to allow bidders/proposers to ask questions about the proposed contract and particularly the contract specifications.

PROPRIETARY INFORMATION - Information in bids or proposal to which Vendor claims ownership or exclusive rights and which is protected from disclosure in the Texas Open Records Act (TEX. LOC. GOV'T CODE ANN., chapter 552).

PURCHASE ORDER - An order by the Purchasing Department for the purchase of goods and services written on the county's standard Purchase Order form and which, when accepted by the vendor without qualification becomes a contract. The vendor agrees to deliver and invoice for goods or services specified, and the County commits to accept the goods or services for an agreed upon price.

PURCHASING - The act, function, and responsibility for the acquisition of goods and services including construction and professional/personal services.

PURCHASING ACT - Chapter 262, subchapter C of the Texas Local Government Code, which governs the conduct of purchasing activity for counties.

PURCHASING AGENT -The purchasing agent for the County who reports to the Purchasing Agent Board and his/her designated representatives.

PURCHASING AGENT BOARD - A board composed of three district judges and two county commissioners who are responsible for appointing the Purchasing Agent and approving the Purchasing Department’s budget.

PURCHASING CARD CARDHOLDER – County personnel who have been issued purchasing cards and who are authorized to make purchases in accordance with purchasing card procedures.

PURCHASING CARD SPECIALIST – Resides in the Purchasing Department and is responsible for procurement program details, including Purchasing Cardholder inquiries.

PURCHASING DEPARTMENT - Bexar County Purchasing Department and its staff.

PURCHASING LAWS - The laws that govern county purchasing including the following:
  • Purchasing Act, (TEX. LOC. GOV'T CODE ANN., ch. 262, subch. C)
  • Public Property Finance Act, (TEX. LOC. GOV'T CODE ANN., ch. 271, subch. B)
  • State Contract, (TEX. LOC. GOV'T CODE ANN., sec. 262.002, 271.081-3)
  • State Catalogue, (TEX. GOV'T CODE ANN., ch. 2157 in co-ordination with TEX. LOC. GOV'T CODE ANN., ch. 271.081-3)
  • Services and Products of Severely Disabled, (TEX. HUM. RES. CODE ANN., sec. 122.014)
  • Interlocal Cooperation Agreement, (TEX. GOV'T CODE ANN., ch. 791)
  • Prompt Payment Act, (TEX. GOV'T CODE ANN., ch. 2251)
  • Bidders from other States and 5% Retainage, (TEX. GOV'T CODE ANN., ch. 2252)
  • Public Works Performance and Payment Bonds, (TEX. GOV'T CODE ANN., ch. 2253)
  • Professional Services Procurement Act, (TEX. GOV'T CODE ANN., ch. 2254, subch. A)
  • Wage Rate for Construction Projects, (TEX. REV. CIV. STAT. ANN., Art. 5159a)
  • Sales tax exemption for incorporated purchases (TEX. TAX CODE ANN. § 151.131)
  • Worker's Compensation Compliance (Workers Compensation Rule 110.110)
REQUEST FOR OFFER or RFO - A process for soliciting offers from three catalogue vendors authorized by the Texas Building and Procurement Commission pursuant to TEX. GOV'T CODE ANN., ch. 2157 and negotiating with them for the best value and a purchase in the best interest of the Bexar County.

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL or RFP - A document requesting an offer be made by a vendor, which allows for negotiations after a proposal has been received, but before award of the contract for goods and services procured in compliance with TEX. LOC. GOV'T CODE ANN., section §262.0295 or §262.030.

REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS or RFQ - A document that requests details about the qualifications of professionals whose services must be obtained in compliance with the Professional Services Procurement Act.

REQUISITION - A request by a department to the Purchasing Department which authorizes the Purchasing Department to enter into a contract with a vendor to purchase goods or services for the county and the Auditor to charge the appropriate department budget. This automated form is for internal use and cannot be used by a department to order materials directly from a vendor.

REVIEWER/APPROVER – The individual designated by an elected or appointed official to review and approve a cardholder’s purchasing card monthly statement of account.

SEALED BIDS - Competitive bids required to be advertised in a newspaper and submitted to the Purchasing Department in a sealed envelope.

SEPARATE PURCHASES - Purchases made in a series of separate purchases, goods and services that in normal purchasing practices would have been purchased in one purchase.

SEQUENTIAL PURCHASES - Purchases made over a period of time that in normal purchasing practices would be made as one purchase.

SERVICES - Includes all work or labor performed for the County on an independent contractor basis, including maintenance, construction, manual, clerical, personal or professional services.

SINGLE PURCHASE LIMIT – The purchasing card dollar amount limitation of purchasing authority delegated to a Purchasing Cardholder. The single purchase and monthly per-card limit is $1,000.

SMWBE - A business in which at least 51% ownership is owned by one or more persons who have been historically underutilized because of their identification as being African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian-Pacific Americans, Native Americans or Women or a business owner meeting all criteria outlined in the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines in 49 CER Part 26, including the CFR 121 Small Business Administration size standards and DOT size cap, but personal net worth is excluded.

SOLE SOURCE GOOD OR SERVICE - A good or service that can be obtained from only one source that is purchased in compliance with TEX. LOC. GOV'T CODE ANN., section §262.024 (a)(7) and (c).

SOLICITATION - A document, such as an invitation for bid, request for proposal, request for offers or request for qualifications, issued by the Purchasing Department. The document contains terms and conditions for a contract and it requests (solicits) a bid or proposal for goods or services needed by the County.

SPECIFICATIONS - A concise description of a good or service that an entity seeks to buy and the requirements the vendor must meet in order to be considered for the award. A specification may include requirements for testing, inspection, or preparing any item for delivery, or preparing or installing it for use. The specification is the total description of the item to be purchased.

STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT – The monthly listing of all purchasing card transactions, issued by the bank directly to the Purchasing Cardholder and the coordinator in the Purchasing Department.

USER DEPARTMENT - The department from whose budget the contract will be paid.

VENDOR - One who sells something; a "seller." A vendor is also a company from which a Purchasing Cardholder is purchasing materials and/or equipment or services under the provisions of the purchasing card procedures.

B. Applicable Forms

1. Specification and Standards References


Federal Government
Federal Non-Military Specs
General Services Administration
Specifications Unit (WFSIS)
7th and D Streets, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20407
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Federal Telephone Numbers
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Standards Writing Organizations
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Other Sources of Information
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Public Technology, Inc.
1301 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Ste. 830
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2. Specification Format (Source: Model Purchasing Manual for Texas Cities and Counties)

Sample Specification Format

C. RFP Template Information

This information is provided as an outline to assist you in preparing an RFP. It is not intended to include all requirements necessary to meet policies and laws governing Bexar County procurements. Although not required, it is recommended that an evaluation team approach be used to evaluate proposals that are more complex. Please contact the Purchasing Agent before you issue an RFP for assistance.

Note: A cover letter must accompany this Request for Proposal. The letter is used to inform the service providers of unique situations covered by this request. In addition it must include: a) the number of copies of the proposal which must be submitted, b) the date on which this proposal must be submitted and c) the exact caption and address (to allow for delivery by other than U.S. Postal Service, a P.O. box number must not be used) to be placed on the envelope for submittal.

1. General Information

1.1 Purpose:

PURPOSE: The heading should read “Request for Proposal.” The sub-title should be descriptive of the service desired. A short paragraph should be used here to describe the type of service provider which should respond and the desired service.

1.2 Issuing Office:

Identify the County office or department issuing the Request for Proposal and the contact person within the office or department who can provide additional information relating to the proposals requested.

1.3 Statement of Problem:

Describe why the service is needed by the County. Provide enough details so that the supplier will be able to understand the need and the possible solutions to the problem. Indicate any recent changes or anticipated changes which may cause the need for this service to be different from past needs in this area. Describe why the County need may be different than the needs of other organizations.

1.4 Statement of Purpose:

Describe the major objectives of the project and briefly state what the final product should be. Be as pointed as possible.

2. Consideration

2.1 General:

Service providers are required to submit their proposals upon the following express conditions:
  • Service providers shall thoroughly examine the cover letter accompanying this Request for Proposal, drawings and all other solicitation documents.
  • Service providers shall make all investigations necessary to inform themselves regarding site location, site conditions, plant and facilities for delivery of material and equipment and all other conditions as required by the solicitation.
  • No plea of ignorance by the service provider of conditions that exist or that may thereafter may exist as a result of failure or omission on the part of the service provider to make the necessary examinations and investigations, or failure to fulfill in very detail the requirements and conditions of the solicitation will be accepted as a basis for varying the requirements of the County or compensations to the service provider.
  • Service providers shall make all investigations necessary to inform themselves regarding site location, site conditions, plant and facilities for delivery of material and equipment and all other conditions as required by the solicitation.

2.2 Preparation of Proposals:

Proposals will be prepared in accordance with the following:

All information required by the solicitation form shall be furnished.

Unit prices shall be shown and where there is an error in the extension of price, the unit price shall govern.

Alternate proposals will not be considered unless authorized by the “Request for Proposals.”

Proposed service delivery times must be shown and shall include weekends and holidays.

Complete Enterprise Owner Information Form. Form 9 in Appendix B.

2.3 Number of Copies of the Proposal Needed:

The proposer shall provide the required number of copies of the proposal as specified in the cover letter. No other distribution of proposals will be made by the service provider. On each copy the offeror shall print or type his/her name and manually sign the Proposal.

2.4 Officials Not to Benefit:

No County employee or elected official shall be admitted to any share or part of this contract, or to any benefit that may arise there from.

2.5 Rejected of Proposals:

The County reserves the right to reject any and all proposals received as a result of this Request for Proposal or to negotiate separately with any source whatsoever in any many necessary to serve the best interest of the County. The County does not intend to pay for the information solicited or obtained through any response.

2.6 Incurring Costs:

The County of Bexar is not liable for any cost incurred by the service provider prior to issuance of a contract.

2.7 Pre-Proposal Conference:

A formal pre-proposal conference will be held on the date and at the place specified in the cover letter. The purpose of this conference is to discuss with the service providers the service to be provided and to allow them to ask questions arising from their review of the Request For Proposal. The pre-proposal conference is for informational purposes only. Answers furnished will not be official until verified in writing by the issuing office or department. Answers that change or substantially clarify the Request For Proposal will be affirmed in writing; copies will be provided to all persons attending the conference. Proposals from service providers who fail to send representatives to the Pre-proposal conference will receive no consideration.

2.8 Inquiries:

Questions that arise subsequent to the pre-proposal conference must be submitted in writing to the issuing office or department. Questions and answers thereto will be provided to all service providers who sent representatives to the pre-proposal conference. All questions must be submitted on or before the date specified in the cover letter.

2.9 Addenda to the Request for Proposal:

In the event it becomes necessary to revise any part of this Request For Proposal, addenda will be provided to all service providers who received the basic Request For Proposal if the addenda are issued before the pre-proposal conference, or to all service providers who sent a representative to the pre-proposal conference if the addenda is issued after the conference.

2.10 Response Date:

To be considered, proposals must arrive at the issuing office or department on or before the date and time specified in the cover letter. Service providers mailing proposals should allow normal mail delivery time to ensure timely receipt of their proposal.

2.11 Type of Contract:

The County uses its own professional/personal services agreement in contracting for professional/personal services. The characteristics of that agreement include:

  • An indemnification provision holding the County harmless from negligence on the part of the professional, professional’s employees, agents or consultants:
  • A requirement that the service provider comply with all Federal and State laws and is responsible for obtaining all applicable permits, licenses and reviews relating but not limited to fire, safety, historic preservation, plan inspection, building permit and handicap access;
  • A requirement that the service provider carry and show proof of comprehensive general liability insurance, including contractual liability and worker’s compensation as required by law and Bexar County.

Negotiations may be undertaken with those service providers whose proposal best addresses the needs of the proposed project and demonstrates the ability and experience to perform the work. Award of the contract will be to the responsive service provider whose proposal is most advantageous to the County.

3. Conditions

3.1 General:

To be considered, service providers must submit a complete response to this Request For Proposal, using the format provided in section 4. Each proposal must be submitted in the required number to the location specified in the cover letter. No other distribution of the proposals will be made by the service provider. Proposals must be signed by an official authorized to bind the firm(s) to its provisions.

3.2 Acceptance of RFP and Proposal Content:

The contents of this RFP and the proposal of the successful service provider(s) may become contractual obligations, if a contract ensues.

3.3 Proposal Preparation:

Proposals should be prepared providing a straightforward, concise description of the respondent’s ability to meet the requirements of the RFP. Emphasis should be on completeness and clarity of content.

3.4 Oral Presentation:

Service providers who submit a proposal may be required to make an oral presentation of their proposal to Commissioners Court. These presentations provide an opportunity for the respondents to clarify their proposal to insure thorough mutual understanding. The Issuing Office will schedule these presentations.

3.5 Prime Contractor Responsibilities:

The selected service provider will be required to assume responsibility for all services offered in the proposal whether or not the service provider produces them. Further, the County will consider the selected service provider to be the sole point of contact with regard to contractual matters, including payment of any and all charges resulting from the contract.

3.6 Services Required:

The services required for this project will include the following: (Department is to enter a full description of the services required including deliverables)

4. Information Required From Service Provider

For ease in review and evaluation, the proposals submitted for this project must be organized and presented as follows:

4.1 Cover and Title Page:

The following information must appear on the cover and/or the title page:
  • Project title
  • Name of the firm making the submittal along with address, phone number and contact person

The following citation:
  • Submitted to:
  • (Insert Name, Title)
  • (Insert Street Address)
  • (Insert City, State, Zip Code)
  • Date of submittal

4.2 Table of Contents:

Identify materials by section and page number.

4.3 Letter of Transmittal:

The transmittal letter must include the following:
  • Brief statement of understanding of the work to be performed and a positive commitment to perform the work within the time period.
  • Name of the contact person or representative for the firm, their title, address and phone number.
  • State whether the contact person is authorized to bind the firm. If not, who is authorized to sign on behalf of the proposer?

4.4 Service Provider Information:

In this section the respondent is asked to provide information about the firm(s) and the personnel to be assigned to this project. Be sure to include:
  • A current resume of the proposed project supervisor;
  • The name of the principal who would be responsible for the work;
  • A list of references complete with names, addresses and phone numbers;
  • A statement of the assessment of present workload.

4.5 Statement of the Problem:

In this section the respondent is asked to identify and develop the scope of the project. Give details as to your perception of the problem and how you propose to solve the problem. Respondents should not merely repeat the problem statement included in this Request For Proposal, but elaborate on the problem, the objectives and scope of the proposed project.

4.6 Method:

The respondent is asked to describe his/her substantive approach to addressing the problem. What services are to be performed? What kind of specialized services are needed? What kinds of data are to be collected and analyzed? Also in this section, the respondent should identify any constraints native to the method proposed.

4.7 Statement of Work:

Identify and outline what the firm(s) propose(s) to do. Describe your firm(s) approach to performing the specific services required in this project as noted in section 3.6 of the Request For Proposal. Include also a schedule of work to be performed with appropriate milestones and dates of completion. You should also identify the extent to which Bexar County staff and officials will be involved in the project.

4.8 Management Plan:

Describe in both narrative and graphic form how the firm(s) propose(s) to manage the project. Provide general information on the organization and management processes of the firm(s) involved in the project, as well as a more specific outline of the structure of the proposed project team. (sole proprietor, partnership, corporation, joint venture, etc.). This section should answer such questions as: Who will have overall responsibility? What will the lines of authority be? How much of each person's time will be committed to the project?

In addition to the narrative description, this management plan should include an organization chart of the project team. Also a chart should be prepared indicating the time commitments and task responsibilities at each phase of the project. This section should be summed up with assurances that a joint venture will be well coordinated and that any problems which may arise can be considered and resolved without infringing on the project.

4.9 Fee Proposal:

In this section the respondent is requested to furnish the fee proposed for all services as set forth in Section 3.6 including:

  • The maximum price for completing requested work; and
  • The maximum amount of anticipated reimbursable expenses along with a description of expenses, including hourly or daily rates, where appropriate.
  • One or several sections may be added here to define how the fee proposal must be structured such as: A fixed fee for services and a not to exceed price on reimbursable items approved in advance by the County. Proposed basis for the performance of services with an estimate of total costs which may be anticipated. The respondent’s standard basis for extra services. Note: It should be stated that the fees are firm prices over a sixty (60) day period following the date of submission of the proposal.

Where the RFP is for professional/personal services where fee cannot be used to rank the proposals, the following may be used:

4.10 Fee Proposal (To be placed in a separate sealed envelope)

Section 4.9 should be placed in a sealed envelope to be used by the County after the proposals have been evaluated. In this section, the respondent is requested to furnish fee proposed for all services as set forth in Section 3.6. It is anticipated the fee will be based on the unit costs for services performed with an estimate of the total costs. Include your standard fees to be paid for any extra services. State the maximum price for completing requested work. It should be stated that the fees are firm prices over a sixty (60) day period following the date of submission of the proposal.

4.11 Certification:

The respondent is required to include the following statement and signature area:

I certify that _________________________ has carefully reviewed the RFP and recognizes that this proposal becomes the property of Bexar County and is non-returnable. I further certify that the enclosed information is accurate and verifiable by Bexar County, and that the below named signatory is fully authorized to bind the firm to the provisions of this proposal.

Signature of Principal: ________________________________________

Name of Firm: ______________________________________________

Date: _____________________________________________________

5. Selection Criteria:

It is the policy of Commissioners Court to discourage any unsolicited verbal or written communications from competing companies which may pertain or relate directly or indirectly to any proposal being evaluated by Commissioners Court which has been submitted in response to a Request For Proposal and which contemplates award of a professional contract, unless provided for in the Request For Proposal.

Any necessary request for clarification, delineation, or explanation of a company’s proposal will be made in writing by the designated Agent in the Request For Proposal and the response will follow the same procedure or as otherwise directed by the Request For Proposal.

Proposals will be evaluated and weighted factors will be applied for evidence of understanding of the problem, the objectives to be achieved, and the technical and administrative capabilities in relation to the needs of the project and the reasonableness of costs shown in relation to the work to be performed. The following criteria are those that may be applied in the evaluation of the Request for Proposals.

5.1 Qualifications:

The extent to which the firm has personnel with the necessary experience and training to perform the work.

5.2 Availability:

The extent to which the firm has personnel with the time to do the job.

5.3 Professional Competence:

The extent to which the service provider has demonstrated competence in performing similar work or the extent of former client satisfaction.

5.4 Proposal:

The extent to which the firm has proposed a work program and an end product that demonstrates a thorough understanding of the scope of the project and that will meet the needs of the County.

5.5 Cost Awareness:

Alternate solutions permitting Owner choices taking into consideration first cost, long term cost and maintenance factors.

5.6 Organization Depth:

Backup capability relative to key personnel.

5.7 User Sensitivity:

Proven sensitivity of functional requirements of users.

5.8 Track Record:

Demonstrated past performance including governmental, institutional, or commercial clients.

5.9 Management Plan:

An organizational structure and management plan which will be highly responsive to the needs and interests of the County.
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