Section 13: Receipt Of Goods

A. Verify Order

Since the County does not have centralized receiving, Departments receive items. When a shipment is received, the employee receiving the shipment should perform the following steps:

  • Open the shipment promptly (within 24 hours) and inspect the shipment.
  • Verify that the order belongs to your Department by matching the Purchase Order number on your receiving copy of the Purchase Order to the Purchase Order number on the delivery slip. If there is no purchase order number and it does not belong to your Department, call Purchasing immediately to help identify where it should be delivered. Purchasing will coordinate the pickup and delivery.
  • Compare the actual items and quantities delivered to the items and quantities on the delivery slip and match it with the items and quantities on the Purchase Order. Note any differences in quantity and any items that have been back ordered.
  • Verify whether or not shipping (if charged) is applicable or not.
If there are differences or items are back ordered, call Purchasing to notify them of the shipment problem and fax a copy of the delivery slip. If there are no differences, sign the receiver copy of the purchase order and forward it with the appropriate, signed delivery ticket to the Auditor’s Office for payment.

B. Damaged Goods

When a shipment arrives, the user department must inspect the condition of all cartons. If freight is undamaged, the department receiving shipment should sign the freight bill. If freight is visibly damaged, the receiving department must instruct the freight line driver to:

  • Note the damage on the freight bill and then;
  • Sign the freight bill.
If there is concealed damage, save the shipping cartons so that the Purchasing Department can notify the freight line and request an "inspection and report of concealed damage." A receiving report noting the damage should be completed and matched with the receiving copy of the purchase order.

All boxes and packing materials should be kept in the event of visibly damaged and concealed damage freight shipments. Damaged freight must be reported to the freight line within 15 days after delivery. After 15 days, the freight line is no longer liable for the damage.

All goods not received properly or not in compliance with the contract should be documented and reported to the Purchasing Department as soon as possible so that the vendor can be notified and instructed as to corrective action.

Damaged goods should not be returned to the freight line, or the vendor, unless specifically requested to do so and then only if a claim has been filed or if authorization has been given by the vendor and/or the Purchasing Department.