Purchasing Manual


We all share in the duty to be guardians of taxpayer dollars. Some of us are fortunate enough to be in a position where we have a direct impact. One way to meet the goals in increasing value and reducing risks is to have Bexar County officials, employees, and suppliers come together and work under an acquisition process that is consistent, fair, and effective.

The Bexar County Purchasing Manual was developed for this purpose. The information provided here is intended to guide your efforts in the acquisition process such that your purchase is accomplished in accordance with Bexar County Policies and the laws of the State of Texas.

This Purchasing Manual is written to include the needs of a broad audience, including Bexar County employees, officials, and suppliers. This guide will benefit those individuals participating in the acquisition process for commodities, services, maintenance, professional services, and construction.

Please consider this information as your introduction to the essentials needed for purchasing goods and services on behalf of Bexar County. It is intended to reflect current methods and will be updated as new business practices and adopted. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please call or visit the Bexar County Purchasing Department.
    1. Introduction
      1. Purpose
      2. Goals and Objectives of Public Purchasing
      3. Definitions
      4. Process
      5. Small, Minority, Women-Owned Business Enterprise (SMWBE) Program
    2. Procurement Planning
      1. Purpose
      2. Timelines
    3. Specifications
      1. Definition
      2. Types of Specifications
      3. Developing Specifications and Specification Sources
    4. Requisitions
      1. General Information
      2. Routine (Contract Items)
      3. Non-Contract Items (“Open Market”)
      4. Blanket Delivery Order (BDO)
      5. Manual Requisitions Paid Through the Auditor’s Office
    5. Negotiated or Non-Bid Purchases
      1. Items Less than $50,000
      2. Items Less Than $1,000
      3. Items Between $1,000 and $2,499
      4. Items Between $2,500 and $49,999
      5. Emergency Purchases
      6. Expedited Purchases
      7. Exempt Purchases (Non-Emergency)
      8. Professional and Personal Services
      9. Sole Source Purchases
      10. Renewals of Equipment and Maintenance Agreements
      11. Brand Name Purchases
      12. Purchasing Card Purchases
    6. Competitively Bid Purchases
      1. Competitive Bidding General Requirements
      2. Competitive Proposals General Requirements
      3. Invitation For Bid (IFB)/Request For Proposals Process
    7. Cooperative Purchases
      1. Statutory Authority for Cooperative Purchases
      2. State of Texas Cooperative Programs
      3. Cooperative Purchasing (Interlocal Agreements)
      4. Other Cooperatives
    8. Construction
      1. Introduction
      2. Process
      3. Procurement of Architect/Engineering/Land Surveying Svcs for Qualifications
      4. Alternative Delivery Methods for Construction Projects
      5. Wage Rate Determination
    9. Request for Proposals Processed outside Purchasing (Professional & Personal Svcs)
    10. Request for Proposals Processed by Purchasing
    11. Federal Funded Procurement Projects
    12. Contract Administration and Modifications
      1. Contract Administration
      2. Contract Modifications
    13. Receipt of Goods
      1. Verify Order
      2. Damaged Goods
    14. Fixed Asset Procedures
      1. General Information
      2. Introduction
      3. Authority
      4. Inventory
      5. Transfer
      6. Definition
      7. Department / Office Responsibilities
      8. Protection
      9. Representative Designation
      10. Receiving
      11. Special Acquisitions
      12. Donations
      13. Funded with other (interlocal, grants, etc.)
      14. Received Upon Completion of Third Party Contract
      15. Held in Trust
      16. Purchased with Discretionary Funds
      17. Software Tracking
      18. Warranty
      19. Trade-In
      20. Damaged / Replaced
      21. Vandalized
      22. Stolen
      23. Missing
      24. Cannibalization
      25. Vehicle Title and License
      26. Reuse
      27. Inventory Exercise
      28. Disposal
      29. Recording
      30. Tagging
      31. Asset Tag
      32. Recycling
      33. Destruction
    15. Appendices
      1. Definitions
      2. Applicable Forms
        1. Specifications and Standard References
        2. Specification Format (Source: Model Purchasing Manual for Texas Cities & Counties)
        3. Discretionary Exemption Form
        4. Purchasing Card Application Form
        5. Purchasing Card Employee Agreement
        6. Purchasing Card Transaction Log
        7. Purchasing Card Dispute Form
        8. Fixed Asset Hand Receipt
        9. Enterprise Owner Information Form
        10. Vendor Bid List Application Form (On-Line)
        11. Price Tabulation
      3. RFP Template Information
        IFB Template
        RFB Template

    Contact the Purchasing Department for Alternative Delivery Method Solicitation(s).