Mental Health Court/Initiative

In December 2008 the Bexar County Commissioner’s Court formed the Mental Health Court/Initiative (MHC).

It is a joint effort with County Court at Law # 12, the Department of Community Resources, the District Attorney’s Office, the Adult  Probation Department, Pre-trial Services, and the Center for Health Care Services. The Mental Health Court/Initiative is a problem solving court for persons who reside in Bexar County  who have a mental health diagnosis who have active misdemeanor cases. This program provides a structured link to treatment, rehabilitation and social support services through this problem solving court.

MHC uses a non-adversarial approach to promote public safety and to protect the due process rights of defendants by ensuring access to treatment and successful completion of the terms set by the Court.

The Mental Health Court is a voluntary 12 month program of supervised probation. Persons accepted into the program will receive  treatment and medications, intensive case management services and supervision based on their treatment and supervision plan. There is ongoing collaboration among the Judge, Mental Health Court staff, probation and treatment providers to monitor and support defendants’ compliance with treatment and medications, abstinence from drugs and alcohol and successful completion of probation conditions.

The Mental Health Court/Initiative focuses on the following goals:
  • Early Identification and coordinated diversion from jail into treatment
  • Improve defendants' access to mental health and substance abuse treatment
  • Increase treatment compliance through intensive case management and supervision
  • Reduce the chances that the defendant will be arrested again