Enterprise Data Center

The Enterprise Data Center (EDC) works behind the scenes to keep the County's mainframe computers operating at peak efficiency 24 hours a day, seven days a week. EDC is comprised of the unique and specialized subsections consisting of Operations, Data Control, Administration, Database Programing, Systems Programming and The Mailroom.

Data Control is responsible for Countywide report production and preparing specialized printing jobs for all departments and offices. With their innovative Print Shop and Mailing Solution, EDC provides cost effective and cutting edge printing services. Their administrative staff prepares BCIT Departmental budget documents, provides clerical and HR support for BCIT, fiscal and technology budget spending and procurement for all Bexar County. They are also responsible for Information Technology asset control. EDC's Database Analysts are responsible for creating, maintaining, and programming the County's databases. They provide database and system integrations between mainframe and PC applications to utilize and enhance existing county resources. Their systems staff is responsible for programming to ensure that all mainframe operating systems are maintained current to cutting edge technology to support all current and future county applications. The Mailroom provides countywide USPS mailing services. They are proficient in ensuring delivery, picking up and processing time-sensitive mail every day.

The EDC staff is responsible for all computer, communication, data resources and the supporting infrastructure. They provide mainframe, network, and communication support to insure that Bexar County Departments and Offices have maximum use of these resources. They are accountable for the infrastructure integrity of all Bexar County records by providing security and backup recovery for any anomaly or adversity. They do such an efficient job you hardly realize that they're there, until you require assistance. Because they are the crucial link for keeping all County Departments functional day and night, the EDC is considered the heartbeat of Bexar County operations.

Russel Bednarz
Russell Bednarz is the Enterprise Data Center Manager for Information Technology.  Russell has been in the Information Technology business since 1981 and started as a Computer Operator. Russell has worked at First City Texas Bank, San Antonio Federal Credit Union, USAA, and Southwest Business Corporation.

His knowledge base includes Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning, Data Center Design and Operations, Systems Integration, and Production and Customer Support.

In addition to a career in Information Technology, Russell loves farming and ranching. He runs a family farm raising registered cattle, cutting and baling hay, and welding and building fences. The farm has been in operation since 1898. If you don’t find him on the farm, he might be enjoying the outdoors on a lake or wide open county for hunting and fishing.