BCIT Divisions

Bexar County Information Technology (BCIT) is the provider of information and communication technology for all Bexar County government elected officials and departments.  The County Chief Information Officer, Catherine Maras, reports directly to the County Manager. The staff is comprised of a diverse, well-trained and highly skilled workforce dedicated to the vision of supporting the mission of Bexar County with high quality, innovative, and cost effective information and communication technology solutions.

To best serve our County government customers in providing service to County citizenry, BCIT is divided into six divisions:

The Applications Development Division analyzes, designs, tests, installs, and maintains the numerous computer applications that support Bexar County business functions.  These applications exist on both mainframe and PC platforms and are supported 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Applications Development also provides technical business analysis services for all County offices and departments.

The County Integrated Justice System Division (CIJS) is responsible for documenting and analyzing the business requirements for all the County's criminal justice functions; for acquiring or developing an integrated technology solution to meet the requirements; and for testing, training users, and implementing the system.

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems is responsible for developing, implementing, and providing support for all systems that integrate internal and external management information from across the county.

The Enterprise Data Center (EDC) works behind the scenes to keep the County's mainframe computers operating at peak efficiency 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  They are responsible for Countywide report production and large-scale printing jobs such as County Property Tax statements. Their administrative staff prepares BCIT Departmental budget documents and provides clerical and HR support for BCIT. EDC's Database Analysts are also responsible for creating, maintaining, and programming the County's databases.

The eServices & Innovation Technology Division provides numerous web-based Constituent and County staff services. These services are provided by the Geographic Information System Division (GIS), who works with County departments and various Community partners to plan, develop and share GIS services and projects.  They help County offices and departments develop their own GIS usage capabilities through training and consultation. eServices are also provided by the Web Group, who is responsible for creating and maintaining web-based applications as well as the County's Internet and employee Intranets. The eServices & Innovation Technology Division also provides the County's Technology Trainers who are responsible for providing daily technology training to meet the varied needs of the County's 4,500+ employees.

The Technical Support Division provides responsive customer service for all aspects of technical support for Bexar County systems customers. They provide service, security and operation on all County owned Networks, Servers, PCs and printers.  They coordinate all telephone and radio communications for the County and provide expertise and support for video teleconferencing countywide. They also staff the County's IT Help Desk with LAN Technicians, Communications Technicians,  Asset Control and Workstation Repair Technicians.