Education & Training

  1. The Basics Program

    The AGC/Bexar County “Basics” of Construction Training Program is designed to assist small business contractors in understanding the basic elements of running a commercial construction business.

  2. Mentor-Protégé Program

    The Mentor/Protégé relationship is a two year commitment where the Protégé, mentors, AGC, and the County Mentor Protégé Program Manager work together to help develop the Protégé firm's marketing, operations and financial performance strategy.

  3. Construction Class/BEP

    The Bonding Education Program's goals are to educate small contractors about industry challenges and to assist participants in their efforts to obtain surety bonds or increase their bonding capacity. Participants will interact with service providers and bond producers, and learn how to conduct business with local, state and federal transportation agencies.

  4. Training Opportunities

    Visit the SBE Workshops Calendar to find information on upcoming workshops available throughout the Bexar County community.

  5. "The Resource" Newsletter

    Read "The Resource" Newsletter from SBE to keep up with the latest SMWBE news, projects, and opportunities.