Cooperative Purchasing - Get Listed

The purpose of cooperative purchasing groups is to become more efficient in the bidding process, comply with State bidding requirements, and identify qualified vendors of commodities, goods, and services. Cooperative purchasing groups simplify the process of finding vendors, save time by centralizing the process of searching for vendors, and many other benefits. 

Vendors looking to sell their goods, commodities, or services on a cooperative purchasing board should identify the board which matches their industry and apply to join. Requirements vary based on the co-op's requirements and policies. 

Bexar County cooperative purchasing entities & networks include: 

Several laws allow local governments to purchase goods and services using contracts competed previously by the state or other governments. 

There are many programs that are enabled by the statutes. The Bexar County Purchasing Manual explains the programs and provides basic procedures for using these methods of procurement. In all of these programs, the Purchasing Agent is authorized to act for Bexar County Per Texas Local Government Code 262 in all matters relating to the purchasing program, including the purchase of goods and services from the vendor under any contract. Bexar County is responsible for making payments directly to the vendor.

The purchase of goods and services, made with the use of cooperative purchasing agreements or programs, will be in accordance with the Texas Local Government Code Chapter 262, Purchasing and Contracting Authority of Counties and the Local Government Code Chapter 271, Subchapter F (Cooperative Purchasing Program), and the Bexar County Administrative Purchasing Policy No. 8.1.