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Amigos in Mediation

Peer Mediation Training Information

CLICK HERE to reserve your training date for 2017-2018.  View the calendar and submit a request to secure your preferred date.

Training Environment

  • The students will need to be able to work in groups of four during the majority of training. The students will practice the mediation process by role-plays in the seating arrangement
  • The best environment for the training workshop is typically in a classroom or library
  • The training room should have audio-visual capability (projection and sound) to be used for a DVD and/or PowerPoint presentation

A group of four students will be arranged

Four Seats Arrangement
Pen and Paper

Training Materials

Class Supplies:

  • Flip chart paper for group work
  • Markers for flip chart paper
  • Scratch paper or copies of “Peer Mediation Notes” sheet in training manual
  • Extra copies of the “Agreement Form” to be used during role-play practice

Student Supplies:

  • Pencil/pen
  • Copy of “Peer Mediation Training Program Manual” for each student (sent by email to Peer Mediation Sponsor)

Role of Sponsor During Training

Pre Training:

  • Provide first and last name of students and staff for certificates to be printed by AIM
  • Provide student and staff t-shirt sizes at least 2 weeks prior to training date, see T-Shirt Name & Size Form

Day of Training:

  • Ensure one staff member is present in room at all times during training
  • Provide a copy of manual to students on or before day of training
  • Designate time of students’ lunch break and notify AIM trainer before session starts
  • Ensure students are staying on task during group role play activities (AIM Trainer will walk around room and facilitate mediation process during role-play activities)

Post Training:

  • Submit monthly ‘Mediation Activity Report’ via online submission
  • Contact the BCDRC to schedule follow-up, refresher, and advanced trainings at no cost
Amigos in Mediation
  1. "Partner with AIM, expand your school's existing preventative PBIS framework"

    Amigos in Mediation
    For more information about the AIM Program contact:
    DeAnna Curcio
    Peer Mediation Program Coordinator
    (210) 335-2444
    Email DeAnna Curcio

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