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The Amigos in Mediation (AIM) peer mediation training program teaches school faculty and students to resolve disputes and conflicts in a non-violent manner.

Our Mission: The AIM Program helps schools establish their own self-sustaining peer mediation programs designed to improve the conflict resolution skills of students, reduce the number of school disciplinary incidents, and create a more positive school environment.

AIM training is offered at no-cost to all TEA accredited schools located within Bexar County.

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"The Premiere Peer Mediation Training Program for Bexar County Schools"

Amigos in Mediation serves students starting at third grade

Mediation can improve communication and enhance the school climate.

Amigos in Mediation serves students starting at third grade

Mediation fosters a reduction in violence, vandalism, and chronic absences.

Reasons for Instituting a School-Based Mediation Program:

  • Conflict is a natural human state better approached with skills than avoidance.
  • There are better ways to deal with conflict in schools than detention, expulsion, or court intervention.
  • Mediation training helps both students and teachers deepen their understanding of themselves and others and provides lifetime conflict resolution skills.
  • Mediation training increases student interest in justice and the legal system while encouraging active citizenship.
  • Shifting the responsibility for solving conflict from the adults to the youth frees teachers and administrators to concentrate on teaching.
  • Recognizing the competence of young people enhances their self-worth, encourages growth and increases skills such as listening, critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Mediation training assists in preparing students to live in a multi-cultural world.
  • Mediation training provides a system of problem solving uniquely suited to the resolution of problems that youth might not take to parents or teachers.
- Adapted from the Association for Conflict Resolution
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