The Bexar County Public Works Department provides a host of permits to the citizens of Bexar County. Below is a list of permits available from Bexar County. If you require additional permits please contact us for information. 

Building Permits

The Bexar County Fire Marshal Office determines when building permits are required for structures are not for a “single-family dwelling.” 

Flood Development Permits

All construction activities conducted on property must be reviewed to verify that development does not have a negative impact on areas with a 1% annual chance of flooding.

Right-of-Way Permits

As part of its maintenance responsibility, Bexar County Public Works is charged with controlling all construction activities in County-maintained rights of way,  including driveways that access County roads. 

Storm Water Quality Site Development Permit 

Learn more information on how to obtain a Storm Water Quality Site Development Permit 

Health Inspection Applications for Temporary and Annual Permits.  

Select one of the attached applications for a Temporary or Annual Health Inspection to complete and submit along with the necessary fee.  Please contact Public Works Administration for more information.

Temporary Health Permits – Good for 14 days

  • Stand or Booth Concessions

Annual Health Permits Include the following:

  • Restaurant       
  • Mobile Vending 
  • Foster Care
  • Others

Septic Permits

For information about septic permits and how to obtain one please call 210-335-6700.
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